Aerodynamics and Flying Toys

Parachute Guys
Yes, these are like the little parachute soldiers that you had when you were a kid!   For ages 6 and up, adult supervision recommended.
AERO.34   $0.50 each
AERO.35   $29.95  bulk package of 72

Xtreme Paratroopers
Large, modern version of the Parachute Guys above.  Figure is 95 mm tall, parachute is 45 cm diameter and is made of cloth, not plastic.  Instead of strings attaching the figure to the parachute, there is a soft, flexible NON-TANGLE mesh "cone" to support the open parachute.  For ages 6 and up, adult supervision recommended.
AERO.31   $3.95 each

We carry 3 different propellers.  All will fit the motor shaft of our small 1.5 volt DC motor (ELEC.13) to illustrate the operation of the motor (or to make an electric fan).  
PROP.01:  $3.00 each  2 blades, 150 mm length, 2 mm centre hole, red.  Basic good quality plastic propeller.  
PROP.03:  $5.00 each  4 thick blades, 56 mm diameter, 2 mm centre hole, blue "solar fan" or "boat propeller" style.
PROP.04:  $3.00 each 3 thin blades, 72 mm diameter, 2 mm centre hole, various colours. 

Pocket Helicopter
Also known as the "Flying Dragonfly".  Simple propeller on a shaft, all plastic.  Rotate the shaft by placing between palms and sliding hands in opposite directions (right hand away from the body, left hand towards the body).  Best done in an open area, away from others.  Blade is about 20 cm across.  For ages 6 and up, adult supervision recommended.
AERO.01   $1.50 each

These are strictly hand-launched gliders, no rubber bands are used:
AERO.09   Small, styrofoam, WW II planes   $1.00 each   MOST POPULAR!
                   - with wind-driven prop, adds stability
WT_gliderplane.jpg (2804 bytes)

Balloon Helicopter
Great fun indoors or out.  Assembly required.  Lightweight blades connect to the top of the centre tube, balloon attached to the bottom of the tube.  Blow up the balloon, pinch the neck and then release.  Makes a loud whistling sound as it flies up.  Includes 2 balloons, but almost any smaller party balloons will work.  For ages 6 and up, adult supervision recommended.
AERO.30   $3.95 each


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