Astronomy / Space

Space Rulers
Plastic 30 cm rulers, featuring a "flickering effect" that makes the images alternate between astronauts and spacecraft. Seven flickering pictures on each ruler, multiplication tables on reverse. Great rewards for students.
RULE.02            $1.00 each

TOPS Module #40 - Earth, Sun & Moon
This book explores our heavenly neighbours in a most remarkable way. Your students will construct floating-pin compasses and paper clip quadrants, then use them to track the sun and moon across a graph paper sky. They’ll cover a beat-up tennis ball in a beautiful earth wrapper complete with continents, oceans and lines of demarcation. They’ll mount this earth on a pop bottle pedestal, properly tilted toward a tennis ball sun. Add a ping pong ball moon, half wrapped in black tape to model its phases, and this TOPS learning system is complete. Book of 20 lessons, Gr. 7-12.
TOPS.40 Earth, Moon & Sun $26.95

TOPS Module #41 - Planets & Stars
Fashioning clever astronomical models from straws and cereal boxes, your students will accurately track the sun and stars across the classroom ceiling. They'll pace off astonishing distances between our "tennis ball" sun and its "pepper and pebble" planets. They’ll map the Big Dipper with pinheads in 3-dimensional space and model the Milky Way in wisps of cotton. Book of 20 lessons for grades 7 to 12.
TOPS.41 Planets & Stars $26.95

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