Charts (Binder-size)

Permachart Reference Sheets
You may have had a teacher in high school that allowed you to take one 8 1/2" X 11" sheet of paper into your exams with any notes you cared to make, as sort of an open-book test. This was my situation in senior high school physics. This "cheat sheet" could contain all the science formulas, facts, etc. that you could cram onto it. We now sell the modern version of these reference sheets. These are Permacharts, two-sided page-size (some are 2 panel, some are fold-out 4 panel) summaries of data, facts, figures, formulas, equations, fundamental theorems, diagrams, procedures, important constants, hints, tips and examples pertaining to various aspects of science, math, anatomy, safety, etc. All information is taken directly from verified sources; each chart is checked and rechecked for accuracy. Extremely high-quality lamination makes them virtually indestructible, yet they can be three-hole punched for handy binder reference. Lifetime guarantee against peeling and delamination. Excellent quick summary references or review source. Get the most out of your study time!

CHRT.33  First Aid   $3.75
CHRT.34  CPR   $5.00

General Science:
CHRT.10  How To Write a Great Lab Report   $3.75
CHRT.17  Astronomy  $3.75

CHRT.04  Organic Chemistry Nomenclature   $3.75
CHRT.05  College Chemistry I   $3.75
CHRT.09  Physical Chemistry   $3.75

CHRT.46  College Biology I   $5.00
CHRT.47  College Biology II   $5.00
CHRT.49  Biological Kingdoms   $5.00
CHRT.50  Cellular Respiration   $5.00

Biology / Medical:
CHRT.35  Anatomy Memorease   $5.00
CHRT.43  Urinary System   $5.00

CHRT.58  Geometry, 4 panel   $5.35
CHRT.23  Trigonometry   $3.75
CHRT.53  Statistics   $3.75
CHRT.55  Differential Equations   $3.75


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