Cloth Sample Bags
Designed for collecting geological samples, but could be used for any number of purposes. Simple cream-coloured cotton (?)cloth bag, 3 sizes available, string closure, large sewn-on tag for sample notes. Makes a great marble bag! The label on the bag is sewn onto the side of the bag, and sticks out like a flag on a pole.  The label is approximately 2 X 3 inches, white, and made of an untearable plastic/paper material that is easy to write on with most pens or a permanent marker.
BAG.01    10 X 15 cm (4 X 6 inches), approximately 300 ml volume, single        $0.75 each
BAG.02    10 X 15 cm (4 X 6 inches), bundle of 25                                          $15.95/bundle
    12 X 18 cm (5 X 7 inches), approximately 600 ml volume, single        $1.00 each
BAG.04    12 X 18 cm (5 X 7 inches), bundle of 25                                          $24.95/bundle
BAG.05    20 X 28 cm (8 X 11 inches), approximately 2500 ml volume, single    $1.50 each
BAG.06    20 X 28 cm (8 X 11 inches), bundle of 25                                        $34.95/bundle

Sample Vial/Pill Bottles
Yep, you guessed it! These are the typical clear plastic pill bottles with white snap-on cap that you used to get prescriptions in. That is, until some genius came up with the child-proof lid. These ones are not child-proof, so even an adult can open them! Great for collecting samples, storage, etc.
BOTT.12    7 dram size, 5 cm long X 3 cm dia.        $0.25 each
   7 dram size (lot of 10)                           $2.00/lot
    12 dram size, 6 cm long X 3.5 cm dia.  $0.35 each
    12 dram size (lot of 10)                         $3.00/lot
    16 dr (long), 7.5 cm long X 3.5 cm dia  $0.40 each
    16 dr (long) (lot of 10)                           $3.50/lot
    30 dram size, 7.5 cm long X 5 cm dia.  $0.50 each
    30 dram size (lot of 10)                        $5.00/lot
(So, what the heck IS a dram anyway?)

Acrylic Box with hinged lid
In a former life, these cute little clear plastic boxes could easily pass for sports card holders. (OK, they ARE sports card holders!) Good for storing/displaying fragile items and collections of small stuff like microscope slides, accessory "kits", nature specimens, etc. We use them to display small electrical parts, magnets, etc.
BOX.01    90 X 65 X 8 mm deep (small)           $0.50 each

Paper Cups
2 oz. size, white, also known as portion cups or "Souffle Cups" (Although I think a souffle this size would still leave one quite hungry.) OK, so call them sample cups instead! Useful for distributing student portions, and weighing/measuring dry chemicals or small samples.
CUP.01    Box of 250    $5.95/box

Graduated Cup, small
Translucent plastic measuring cup, disposable (or reusable, if you're on a tight budget). Holds 30 ml / 2 tablespoons / 1 fluid ounce / 8 drams. (Well, at least now we know approximately how much is in a dram!)
GRAD.05    Single cup             $0.20 each
   Lot of 100 cups   $11.95/lot

Graduated Cylinders
They may have graduated, but they have no degrees; see Thermometers below. (wait....what?)   They do, however, have proper markings which indicate the volume of liquid they contain.  Polystyrene flexible plastic grads (GRAD.08) are inexpensive and ideal for pre-school and Division I students, but should not be used with harsh chemicals or hot liquids. 
GRAD.12   Polypropylene translucent plastic, 10 ml         $4.95 each
   Polypropylene translucent plastic, 25 ml          $5.95 each
   Polypropylene translucent plastic, 50 ml          $7.95 each
   Polypropylene translucent plastic, 100 ml      $8.95 each
   Polypropylene translucent plastic, 250 ml      $10.95 each
Polypropylene translucent plastic, 500 ml      $15.95 each
Polypropylene translucent plastic, 1000 ml    $24.95 each
   Borosilicate Glass, 50 ml                              $10.95 each
   Borosilicate Glass, 100 ml                            $13.95 each
Borosilicate Glass, 250 ml                            $24.95 each
Polystyrene flexible plastic, 100 ml                 $5.95 each

Plastic Squeeze Bottles
Soft-sided, translucent plastic bottles for storing and dispensing fluids such as white glue (for the younger set) distilled water, chemical solutions, acids, etc. With a squeeze, these bottles can deliver either single drops or a steady stream. Can also be used as wash bottles or regular storage of liquids. Variety of lids (ask if the kind you need are available for that size bottle): standard red-tip dropper lid, flip-top dropper lid or Poly-Seal screw cap.
BOTT.39    1 ounce (30 ml) size          $1.00 each
2 ounce (60 ml) size          $1.25 each
   4 ounce (125 ml) size        $1.50 each
   8 ounce (250 ml) size        $1.75 each
   16 ounce (500 ml) size      $2.00 each
   32 ounce (1000 ml) size    $2.50 each

Glass Sample Bottle
When only classic glass bottles will do.  They are square, made of French glass (fairly thick - difficult to shatter) and come with Poly-Seal screw lids.  Can be repeatedly cleaned and sterilized.  Also used in the oil industry as petroleum sample bottles.
BOTT.26    60 ml (2 oz.)         $2.00 each
BOTT.40    30 ml (1 oz.)        $1.75 each

Glass Dropper Bottle, Amber
These are round, amber coloured glass bottles with a screw top lid that includes a rubber bulb squeeze dropper.  The dropper itself may be glass or plastic.  
BOTT.33    15 ml (1/2 oz.)     $1.75 each (plastic dropper)
BOTT.42    30 ml (1 oz.)        $2.50 each (glass dropper)

Petri Dishes
OK, maybe we're stretching things a bit to call this a "container", but think of a Petri Dish as a disposable, flat, transparent observation chamber for earthworms, isopods, etc.  Also, use these plastic Petri Dishes on the overhead projector to illustrate liquid colour mixing, liquid diffusion, solids dissolving, even insect movement.  Sealed pakages are sterile, and suitable for bacteria growth when prepared with growing media (agar).
PETR.01    Sealed package of 25, with lids     $12.95/pkg
PETR.02    Single dishes with lids                    $0.75 each

Test Tubes
Plain, borosilicate glass. Corresponding rubber stopper size and stock number shown in brackets. (Rubber stoppers not included. Available seperately.)
TUBE.01    13 X 100 mm (#000 - RUBS.01)    $0.25 each
    16 X 100 mm (#00 - RUBS.02)      $0.75 each
    16 X 150 mm (#00 - RUBS.02)      $1.25 each
   18 X 150 mm (#00 - RUBS.02)      $1.50 each


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