Plastic Dinosaur "Erasers"
These small soft plastic prehistoric animal "erasers" (MOSTLY dinosaurs) come in a variety of solid colours and are excellent for primary grades as models or manipulatives. These are also very popular as classroom rewards, treat bag items for birthday parties, or as stocking stuffers. Approx. 2" long. Ages 5+.
DINO.02    $0.50 each

Plastic Toy Dinosaurs
Slightly smaller than DINO.02 above, brightly painted PVC plastic, 8 different dinosaur types (again, MOSTLY dinosaurs). Ages 5+.
DINO.08    $0.40 each

Digging Dinosaurs
The story of the search that unravelled the mystery of baby dinosaurs. An excellent account of how palaeontology field work is conducted, and how the bones, nests, eggs and babies of the "Good Mother Lizards" (Maiasaurs) were discovered in Montana in the late 1970s and 1980s, and excavated by famous palaeontologist John Horner. 210 pages, suitable for ages 14 through adult.
BOOK.014    $9.95 each

Wooden Tyrannosaurus Model
Punch out and assemble thin wood pieces to construct a large 3-D skeletal model of a Tyrannosaur.  Woodcraft construction kit/puzzle.  Size: 91 cm long, 23 cm wide, 51 cm high.  For ages 6 and up. 
MISC.67    $29.99 each

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