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NOTE: This series is now out of print, BUT we have a few select titles left.  When they are gone, that's it!  No more.  Kaput. Finished.   However, if you enjoyed the humour, real science and funny illustrations of these books, we have been in discussion with the author (B.K. Hixson) and we intend to carry his new line of "Loose in the Lab" science activity books with gobs of similar hands-on activies.  Stay tuned.  Or if you're impatient, call us. 


This collection of books shows that science can be fun, and can be taught with a sense of humour. Sprinkled liberally with jokes and amusing cartoons, the experiments are well-written with sections on concept, materials, experimentation and explanations. Some of these books contain extension activities and lists of questions to ask students. All are written in plain language to ensure that the concepts will be understood by the teachers as well as the students. All contain introductory sections on Lab Safety. Most experiments and activities in these books can be done with simple household objects. In some of the books, however, there may be several items or chemicals used that are not particularly common in the average household. Science Is... should be able to help with most of these. Disclaimer from Science Is...: We take no responsibility for the contents of and comments in these books. YOU need to decide when discretion is the better part of common sense. For example, when the authors say: "When you are done looking at the different parts of the eye," (the cow eye that you have dissected) "place them in the baggie to take home and show your folks.", YOU decide if this is a good idea. Have fun! Soft cover, 8 " X 11".

Science Fair Survival Techniques
.... for kids, parents and teachers. Learn how to ask the right questions, the difference between reports and experiments, how to do experiments for a science fair project, the scientific method, thinking of ideas, researching your project, how to do the actual planning and execution of the experiment, collecting and recording data, and coming to a conclusion. Also a collection of 53 activities designed to get your brainwaves cooking so you can come up with a project of your own. The activities themselves would not necessarily make good science fair projects, as they are intended to get you started and give you ideas, not to provide a ready-made experiment for you. Each activity has a materials list, a step-by-step procedure, and a scientific explanation of what’s going on. Ages 9+, 144 pages.
BOOK.038 Science Fair Survival Techniques $19.95

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