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Medicine Dropper, glass
Whether you call them eye droppers, medicine droppers or pipettes, these are the good quality glass ones with black rubber squeeze bulbs. 75 mm (3") long, may be straight or bent tipped, both do the same job.
DROP.01   Straight tip      $1.00 each
DROP.06   Bent tip          $1.00 each  

Droppers, plastic
Graduated plastic pipettes with squeeze bulbs, capacity and length varies, depending on what our supplier sends us.  Made of translucent flexible plastic, moulded in one piece. Excellent low-cost "medicine dropper", disposable.
DROP.07   1       $0.25 each
   10     $1.50 for 10
   100   $10.00/bag

Chemical Scoop
Hey, you don’t want to use your mother’s good silverware for scooping out chemicals, do you? Silver might react with the chemicals and contaminate them! (Besides, your mom wouldn’t be too pleased to see her good spoons tarnished.) This chemical scoop is stainless steel, 20 cm long to reach deep into large bottles, has a shallow spoon on one end and a square-bladed scraper/spatula on the other.
SCOP.01   $3.95 each

Test Tubes, glass
Plain, borosilicate glass. Corresponding rubber stopper size and stock number shown in brackets. (Rubber stoppers not included. Available separately.)
TUBE.01   13 X 100 mm    $0.50 each (uses rubber stopper size #000 - RUBS.01)
TUBE.08   16 X 100 mm    $0.75 each (uses rubber stopper size #00 - RUBS.02)
TUBE.09   16 X 150 mm    $1.25 each (uses rubber stopper size #00 - RUBS.02)
TUBE.16   18 X 150 mm    $1.50 each (uses rubber stopper size #0 - RUBS.03)

Test Tubes, plastic
Plastic test tubes with screw cap.  Very popular for science-themed birthday parties. 
TUBE.27   16 X 125 mm, polystyrene plastic with screw cap   $1.00 each
   16 X 125 mm, polystyrene plastic with screw cap, case of 125 test tubes   $100.00 per case

Test Tube Rack (6) - plastic
A white plastic rack to hold test tubes. No assembly required.
TUBE.10   $7.95 each

Test Tube Rack (6) - wood
Wood test tube rack, holds 6 test tubes.
TUBE.34   $9.95 each

Test Tube Rack (12) - wood
Wood test tube rack, holds 12 test tubes.
TUBE.33   $15.95 each

Test Tube Brush
Got test tubes? You'll have to clean 'em sometime!
BRUS.02  Small, tan bristles, 19 cm long, 9 x 1.5 cm bristles   $3.95 each
BRUS.03  Semi-micro, black bristles, 16 cm long, 8 x 1.5 cm bristles   $3.95 each
BRUS.04  Small, white bristles, 16 cm long, 7 x 2 cm bristles   $4.95 each
BRUS.05  Medium, white bristles, 24 cm long, 12 x 3 cm bristles   $5.95 each
BRUS.06  Large, white bristles, extra long handle, 32 cm long, 13 x 3 cm bristles   $6.95 each
BRUS.07  PIPETTE brush, extra long, tan bristles, 43 cm long, bristle pattern tapers from 2 cm down to 3 mm at tip   $7.95 each

Test Tube Tongs
Stoddard Type, with finger grips. For holding those hot little test tubes without burning your pinkies. s.
TUBE.11    Stoddard Type, with finger grips.   $3.95 each
TUBE.31   Plain type, no finger grips                 $2.95 each

For handling hot stuff, but not suitable for test tubes. 8" long.
TONG.01   Crucible Tongs, 8 inches long      $6.95 each.
TONG.02   Beaker Tongs with sleeving          $6.95 each

Beakers, student grade
Student grade beakers, heat resistant borosilicate glass, also known as "no-name" or "generic Pyrex".  Same properties, lower price.  Low form, with pouring spout, graduated for approximate measurement.  Note how price increases dramatically with size.  This is due simply to the fact that larger glass beakers break more easily.  Therefore manufacturers, suppliers and distributors all take a bigger risk when handling and shipping these items, so the potential loss is "built in" to the price.  Just because they are borosilicate glass doesn't mean they are unbreakable.  All it takes is a little bump on the edge of a table to crack or break the larger beakers.  Warning: Heating the larger beakers (1000 ml and up) can also be dangerous.  If the larger beakers are not heated slowly and evenly, even though they are borosilicate glass, they will be more likely to break, potentially resulting in a huge mess and loss of whatever solution was in the beaker.  So when heating these larger beakers it is best to increase the temperature gently and use a wide heating element or hot plate, NOT a small point source of heat like an alcohol burner, candle, bunsen burner or propane torch. 
BEAK.23   50 ml            $3.95 each
   100 ml         $4.95 each
   250 ml         $5.95 each
   400 ml         $6.95 each
   600 ml         $8.95 each
   1000 ml     $12.95 each
BEAK.13   2000 ml     $39.95 each
BEAK.14   4000 ml     $85.00 each

Beakers, plastic, tripour style
Unbreakable polypropylene plastic, tripour style.  Not designed to be heated.  Great for little hands, popular in elementary schools, very durable. 
BEAK.16   plastic, 50 ml         $2.00 each
   plastic, 100 ml       $2.50 each
   plastic, 250 ml       $3.00 each
   plastic, 400 ml       $3.50 each
BEAK.20   plastic, 1000 ml     $5.00 each

Beakers, plastic, round style
Plastic beakers, available as a set of 5.  Unbreakable polypropylene plastic, round style.  Set of 5 consists of one each of 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 ml.  Not designed to be heated.  Popular in elementary schools, very durable. 
BEAK.24   plastic, set of 5, round style       $18.95 set

Flasks, Erlenmeyer (Rubber stoppers not included. Available separately.)
Student grade flasks, suitable for heating liquids.  These are the flat bottom, "inverted cone" shaped ones.  Borosilicate glass (basically "no name" Pyrex-type glass), narrow mouth, graduated for approximate measurement.  Corresponding rubber stopper size and stock number shown in brackets.  Depending on the supplier we use, the mouth of the flask may be slightly smaller or larger, so the corresponding rubber stopper size may be subject to change.  Therefore, when ordering rubber stoppers to fit these flasks, please include a note to have us physically check that the rubber stopper fits the flask.
FLSK.15     50 ml        $4.95 each      
FLSK.16   100 ml        $5.95 each      
FLSK.03   250 ml        $6.95 each     (uses rubber stopper size #6 1/2 - RUBS.11) 
FLSK.04   500 ml        $8.95 each     (uses rubber stopper size #7 - RUBS.12) 
FLSK.05   1000 ml     $19.95 each     (uses rubber stopper size #8 - RUBS.13) 
FLSK.14   2000 ml     $39.95 each    

Flasks, volumetric
Borosilicate glass (basically "no name" Pyrex-type glass).  These also have flat bottoms, but with a teardrop-shaped body and a long, slender neck.   Here you are paying for accuracy.  These have one and only one graduated mark that indicates the exact volume of each flask.  Volumetric flasks are used with chemical Molar weight calculations when preparing chemical stock solutions accurately.   Or, you could do as one customer did and buy them for creating "Harry Potter"-type potions because they look so neat.  All come with a ground-glass stopper.
FLSK.06   50 ml volumetric           $7.95 each 
FLSK.07   100 ml volumetric         $9.95 each
   250 ml volumetric       $11.95 each 
FLSK.09   500 ml volumetric       $13.95 each
   1000 ml volumetric     $18.95 each

Mortar and Pestle
White porcelain, interior of mortar and tip of pestle are unglazed.  Used for crushing chemicals to a smaller grain size or to a powder.  Two sizes available.  
M&P.04   60 mm diameter     $6.95 set
M&P.05   100 mm diameter   $11.95 set

Watch Glasses
Sort of look like very shallow clear glass dishes. Depending on size, these hold approximately 1 to 5 tablespoons of material: liquid, powder or crystals. Used for examining small amounts of material, observing swimming pond critters, evaporating solutions, or growing crystals.
WG.01   50 mm diameter     $0.75 each
   62 mm diameter     $1.00 each
   75 mm diameter     $1.50 each
   100 mm diameter   $2.00 each

Spot Plate
Glazed white porcelain, 12 shallow cavities. Student grade.
SPOT.01   $8.95 each

Graduated Cup, small
Translucent plastic measuring cup, disposable (or reusable, if you're on a tight budget).  Marked in various units, holds 30 ml/2 tablespoons/1 fluid ounce/8 drams.   (Aha!  Now we can figure out what a dram is!)  You've probably seen these before.... they are commonly used to measure cough syrup doses.
GRAD.05   Single cup             $0.20 each
   Sleeve of 100       $11.95 each

Graduated Cylinders
They may have graduated, but they have no degrees; see Thermometers below. (....huh?)   They do, however, have proper markings which indicate the volume of liquid they contain.  Polystyrene flexible plastic grads (GRAD.08) are inexpensive and ideal for pre-school and Division I students, but should not be used with harsh chemicals or hot liquids. 
GRAD.12   Polypropylene translucent plastic, 10 ml          $4.95 each
   Polypropylene translucent plastic, 25 ml          $5.95 each
   Polypropylene translucent plastic, 50 ml          $7.95 each
   Polypropylene translucent plastic, 100 ml        $8.95 each
   Polypropylene translucent plastic, 250 ml      $10.95 each
   Polypropylene translucent plastic, 500 ml      $15.95 each
   Polypropylene translucent plastic, 1000 ml    $24.95 each
   Borosilicate Glass, 50 ml                              $10.95 each
   Borosilicate Glass, 100 ml                            $13.95 each
   Borosilicate Glass, 250 ml                            $24.95 each
8   Polystyrene flexible plastic, 100 ml                 $5.95 each

Thermometer (lab)
Excellent lab thermometers, all glass (not suitable for use by children under 10 years of age). -20 to +110 degrees Celsius range, red spirit filled, white backing, 302 mm long, easy to read. Plastic storage "sleeve".  Made in USA or UK.
THRM.16   Total Immersion      $6.95 each
THRM.17   Partial Immersion    $6.95 each

Thermometer (metal back)
Suitable for immersion in hot liquids, -20 to +110 degrees C range, red spirit filled, 145 mm long.
THRM.18   $3.95 each

Thermometer (liquid crystal)
Liquid crystal thermal strip thermometer, like the kind you see attached to the outside of aquariums. Colour change indicates approximate temperature. Dual scale, 66 to 86 F and 19 to 30 C.
THRM.11   $1.95 each

Thermometer (extra large)
Great classroom thermometer. Not a model, but a real working thermometer! Total 400 mm long (glass tube alone is 300 mm), -30 to +50 degrees Celsius range (-22 to +122 degrees Farenheit), red spirit filled, plastic back. Not recommended for immersion in liquids. Please note: Most jumbo thermometers have dual F and C scales. If you only want to display one scale, it is a simple matter to cover the offending scale with masking tape.
THRM.12   $6.95 each

WT_jumbothermo.jpg (2172 bytes) May not be exactly as pictured.

Safety Goggles (Impact), small or child size
Small version of adult impact safety goggles for protection against flying chips and particles, not rated for chemical splashes. Made for elementary children and teens or adults with small faces. Fits over prescription glasses.
SAFE.01   $6.95 each

Safety Goggles (Chemical Splash), small or child size
Small version of adult chemical splash safety goggles for protection against liquid splashes. Vented with one-way valves. Made for elementary children and teens or adults with small faces. Fits over prescription glasses.
SAFE.06   $7.95 each

Safety Goggles (Impact), adult size
Adult impact safety goggles for protection against flying chips and particles, not rated for chemical splashes. Fits over prescription glasses.
SAFE.02   $4.95 each

Safety Goggles (Chemical Splash), adult size
Adult chemical splash safety goggles for protection against liquid splashes. Vented with one-way valves. Fits over prescription glasses.
SAFE.07   $7.95 each

Ring Stands
Ring burner stands, all metal, tripod legs screw into ring. For heating beakers or flasks. Place heat source (alcohol lamp, candle or bunsen burner) under ring and place beaker or flask on top of ring, with wire gauze square (see below) for support.
STND.01   Small (ring 7.5 cm dia., legs 15 cm)  $9.95 each
STND.02   Medium (ring 10 cm, legs 22.5 cm)  $12.95 each

Support Stand
Heavy rectangular base (12.5 X 20 cm) with vertical rod 1 cm diameter, 48 cm long. Used for holding support rings (see below) that clamp to the rod and support beakers over a heat source, etc. Clamps not included.
STND.05   $29.95 each

Support Ring with Clamp
To be used with STND.05 above. 7.5 cm diameter, with screw clamp to secure it to the support stand’s vertical rod. Use with wire gauze squares below, to prevent beakers or flasks from falling through.
CLMP.01   $7.95 each

Support Ring Extension
To be used with STND.05 above. 9 cm O.D. ring, plus straight arm length of 20 cm. Use with wire gauze squares below. Clamp holder NOT included, requires CLMP.06 below. This combination allows for more flexibility when positioning location of ring.
CLMP.02   $5.95 each

Extension Clamp
To be used with STND.05 above. Curved, cork-lined jaws firmly hold test tubes, small beakers, condensers or the necks of Erlenmeyer flasks. Jaws expand from 2 mm to 95 mm and are tightened with a T screw. Straight arm is 14 cm long. Clamp holder NOT included, requires CLMP.06 below.
CLMP.03   $10.95 each

Condenser Clamp
To be used with STND.05 above. Angled, rubber-lined jaws firmly hold test tubes, small beakers, condensers or the necks of Erlenmeyer flasks. Jaws expand from 4 mm to approx. 110 cm and are tightened with a butterfly screw. Straight arm is 20 cm long. Clamp holder NOT included, requires CLMP.06 below.
CLMP.04   $22.95 each

Clamp Holder
Universal adjustable clamp holder, attaches firmly to vertical support rod on STND.05 above. Screw adjustments allow for flexibility in setting the angle and tilt of clamp.
CLMP.06   $14.95 each

Burette Clamps
To be used with STND.05 above. Holds burettes up to 1.5 cm diameter.  All include their own clamp holder so CLMP.06 is not required.
CLMP.05   Burette Clamp, cast metal, Fisher type with rubber coated jaws            $21.95 each
                    (Strong spring-action holding pins provide four points of contact to hold burettes very firmly. Too strong for thermometers, they might snap.)
CLMP.11   Burette Clamp, thick sheet metal with partial rubber coating on jaws   $15.95 each
                    (Four contact points, 2 of which have rubber coating.)
CLMP.12   Burette Clamp, economy model, polypropelene plastic                         $   9.95 each
                    (Three contact point holding mechanism, not as powerful as CLMP.05, so better for glass lab thermometers.)

For titrations and accurately measuring and controlling the amount of liquid delivered to a container.  A burette clap (above) is required.
BURT.04   Burette, glass, 50 ml capacity, 0.1 ml divisions with pinchcock delivery attachments   $29.95 each  
BURT.05   Burette, glass, 50 ml capacity, 0.1 ml divisions with ground glass stopcock                 $39.95 each  
BURT.02   Burette, glass, 50 ml capacity, 0.1 ml divisions with NO delivery attachments             $25.95 each  
BURT.03   Pinchcock delivery attachments ONLY (no burette)                                                  $5.95 each

Pinch Clamp
Pinch Clamp, also known as Mohr's Type hose clamp, for restricting the flow of liquids through flexible tubing. 
CLMP.07   $2.00 each

Wire Gauze Squares
For supporting beakers, etc. while being heated on a ring burner stand or any of the support rings (see left side of page). Plain wire mesh, no asbestos. Edges folded over for safety.
WRSQ.01   Small (4" X 4")       $1.00 each
   Medium (5" X 5")   $1.50 each
   Large (6" X 6")       $2.00 each

Alcohol Burner
Produces a clean, quiet burning flame when wick is properly trimmed.   "Classic" round (some are angular) alcohol burner made of thick glass, approximately 3 inches in diameter and 4 inches high, with metal snuffing cap.  Comes with one wick.  Fuel not included, we suggest methyl alcohol (gas line antifreeze - NOT radiator antifreeze) or denatured ethyl alcohol. 
BRNR.04   Glass body with metal cap   $11.95 each  

Burner Wicks
Replacement wicks for the alcohol burners above.
WICK.01   $1.00 each

Glass Tubing
Comes in various lengths, depending on what the suppliers sends us, but we can cut to fit most requests.  Usually minimum 2 foot length.  Prices are per foot. This glass tubing is easily melted "soda glass", and can be heated and bent with a propane torch. May have raw (sharp) ends, unless custom fire polishing requested. Very fragile, does not mail well, subject to breakage. Best if picked up at our showroom. Limited basic custom glass tube cutting and fire polishing available, call for prices.  Sorry, custom bending not available.
TUBE.13   4 mm O.D.     $1.00 / foot
   6 mm O.D.     $2.00 / foot
   10 mm O.D.   $3.00 / foot

Dialysis Tubing
Dialysis Tubing, 30 cm length, 4.3 cm flat width, for osmosis experiments and demonstrations. 
DLYS.01   $2.95

Rubber Stoppers
Prices below are for black SOLID rubber stoppers. If needed, add $1.00 for each hole drilled or if you have odd size tubing, it is a simple matter to drill the holes yourself with an electric drill. If you would like us to drill the holes for you, please let us know at least 2 days in advance (if you intend to pick them up) and state whether you want holes to fit 4 mm, 6 mm or 10 mm tubing. Note smaller sizes may not have room for more than 1 hole.
RUBS.01   Size 000   $0.50 each  (fits TUBE .01)
RUBS.02   Size 00     $0.50 each (fits TUBE.08 & .09)
RUBS.03   Size 0       $0.50 each  (fits TUBE.16)
RUBS.04   Size 1       $0.75 each
   Size 2       $0.75 each
   Size 3       $1.00 each  (fits 2 litre pop bottle - great for pop bottle rockets)
RUBS.07   Size 4       $1.00 each
   Size 5       $1.25 each
   Size 5 ½   $1.50 each
   Size 6       $1.75 each
   Size 6 ½   $2.00 each
   Size 7       $2.25 each
   Size 8       $2.50 each
   Size 9       $3.00 each
   Size 10     $3.50 each
   Size 11     $4.00 each
   Size 12     $4.50 each
   Size 13     $5.00 each

Nothing too fancy here. Plastic funnels, set of 3 different sizes.
FUNL.04   3 sizes/set   $3.95 set

Thistle Tube
Thistle Tube (also known as a "safety funnel"). 6 mm X 30 cm stem. Top "cup" is 25 mm diameter, 45 mm deep. Borosilicate glass. 
THSL.01   $8.95 each

Filter Paper
Good average qualitative filter paper, box of 100 circles. Medium filter speed, 0.15% ash.
FILT.01   12.5 cm dia.   $12.95/box

Glass Rods
Solid, clear, borosilicate (heat resistant) glass rods. Excellent stir sticks, easily cleaned and/or sterilized. Ends ground to eliminate sharp edges, but are not necessarily fire polished. 
ROD.02   20 cm (8 inches) long, 5 mm diameter    $2.00 each 
ROD.03   30 cm (12 inches) long, 5 mm diameter    $3.00 each

Wooden Splints
Bundle of approximately 100 wooden splints, used for test lighting small samples of gas generated by chemical reactions.
SPLN.01   $1.00/bundle

Litmus Paper
100 strip vial, red litmus turns blue when exposed to a base (alkali) and blue litmus turns red when exposed to an acid.
INDC.01   Blue Litmus Paper   $2.95/vial
INDC.02   Red Litmus Paper   $2.95/vial

pH Test Paper
While litmus paper (above) tells if substances are acidic or basic, pH paper tells you how strong those acids or bases are.  OK, we used to sell this as the old orange paper strips, 100 per vial, but we have been told by our supplier that those strips are not very accurate, and that is why they were cheap (at least they were honest about it!).  So we set out to find a better quality pH test strip, and found one.  So now we have pH Test Strips, 3 pad type, wide pH range (1 to 14), 50 strips per pkg.  These are MUCH more accurate than the old, single-colour orange pH test paper that we used to sell.  Unfortunately, they are more expensive as well (26 cents per test).  But hey, you get what you pay for. 
INDC.14   pH Test Strips, 3 pad type, range 1 to 14   $14.95/pkg of 50

P.T.C. Paper (Phenylthiourea-Phenylthiocarbamide)
PTC paper is used in Medical Genetics.  This paper is bitter or tasteless, depending on the heredity of the taster.  100 strip vial.
INDC.04   $3.95/vial

Cobalt Chloride Test Paper
Used for testing for the presence of water.  100 strips per vial. 
INDC.05   $3.95/vial

Spring Scales
Not to worry! These scales can be used in any season, not just spring!  These plastic and metal spring scales are calibrated in grams and Newtons.  (Wasn't he the guy who invented fig cookies?)  Also known as force meters or Newton meters.  Smaller ranges are more sensitive, but have less capacity.
SCAL.01   0 to 250 g (2.5 N) blue         $8.95 each
0 to 500 g (5 N) green          $8.95 each
0 to 1000 g (10 N) beige      $8.95 each
0 to 2000 g (20 N) red         $8.95 each
0 to 3000 g (30 N) white      $8.95 each
0 to 5000 g (50 N) yellow    $8.95 each

Elementary School Balance
This all-purpose balance covers your balance requirements from Grades 4 to 10. Moulded from high-impact styrene, this durable and accurate balance has a capacity of 2000 grams and is readable to 1 gram. Features zero adjust knob & 2 removable 10 cm square pans. Mass set contains 8 pieces: 50/20/10/5/5/2/2/1 g.
BALN.02   Balance with 1 to 50 g Mass Set   $69.95 each
   1 to 50 g Mass Set only   $25.95/set


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