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This page consists of links that might interest the users of the Science Is... Web Site.  These are great resources for teachers, students, home schoolers, science fair participants and anyone interested in science.  Please, check them out and report any broken links. We would welcome any other science related links that you have encountered and would like to share with us. NOTE: If you get an error message saying "This content cannot be displayed in a frame", try clicking on "Open this content in a new window". - The Discovery Channel Canada Online. - The Calgary Science Network. - Simple Machines.  A list of many websites showing lesson plans and activities involving Simple Machines, appropriate for various Grade levels.  Thanks to Courtney's after-school kids for the suggestion. - The Canadian Space Agency. - The Internet Public Library guide to Science Fair Projects. - Information and news on Pathfinder, Global Surveyor, and Surveyor 98 missions. Images, text and live audio and video from NASA. - This site allows you to visualize a planet or satellite as seen from various reference points in the solar system. The map section lets you zoom in on the surface of Mars, while the art section takes you just above Neptune's blue clouds. A Calgary organization that does great work around the world. It is amazing how little it costs to restore someones's sight or to prevent blindness in developing countries. TheOnline Chemistry Site.  Created by a professor from Bellevue Community College.  No previous chemistry knowledge is needed to participate in this online class.  Lots of solid scientific information, intended for more advanced students, but some classic experiments available.  Quizzes, lectures, experiments, etc.  Changes weekly.  - It is an odd, but fun website containing an archive of comic book pages from the 1960s and 1970s that involve the elements. - Why is the sky blue?  Why don't penguins feet freeze?   The Last Word provides a collection of over 600 everyday science questions and answers. - From boomerangs to digital cameras to bulletproof glass to radar to "How does that glow-in-the-dark stuff work?" The title says it all. -Mink Hollow Farm. Located north of Calgary. Although these fine people no longer provide fertilized duck eggs for hatching programs, their website is still a great resource for those that are doing so.  (NOTE: If you are hatching duck eggs, Science Is... can supply you with an incubator for rent to use in conjunction with your egg hatching program... see our Rental Information page) NOTE: Hatching eggs can be a risky business.  Even professional hatchers rarely get 100% of their eggs to hatch.   There are many things that can cause hatching failure.  Please read the following link BEFORE you pick up your eggs: - Butterfly Wings n' Wishes.   This Edmonton business provides Painted Lady butterfly larvae for class projects for teachers, as well as full grown butterflies for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, memorial services, etc.  Additional species (including moths) available on request. - This is a fun site, whose goal is to demonstrate that reality is often more interesting than fantasy.  Often, media (and movie) depictions of science and astronomy are filled with misconceptions and only serve to perpetuate common myths.  This "bad science" can fall into three categories: silly, sloppy and malicious.  The author of this website is a scientist who is also a science fiction fan (my kind of guy!) whose website debunks many myths, scientifically analyses supposed science "hoaxes" and deconstructs many Hollywood science fiction movies. - Preschool teachers will love this site. Be sure to check out the "Science" section under   "Learning Center Ideas". - Urban Agriculture Notes - Based in Vancouver, BC - Excellent website includes information on composting, red wriggler worms, Canadian/U.S./Worldwide vermiculture equipment and worm suppliers, compost and vermiculture references.  The most useful section for those looking for an actual source of red wriggler worms for vermicomposting is in section 4, titled "Use quick links for Vancouver residents" (even though it has references for worm contacts around the world), click on "Worm Suppliers".  The direct link to the "Worm Suppliers" page is here: - Fossil collectors take note:  The Alberta Palaeontological Society (APS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1986 to promote the science of palaeontology through study and education, as well as to make contributions to palaeontology through discovery, collection, description, public education and preservation of material for study and posterity.  They also provide information and expertise to collectors, as well as work with professionals at museums and universities to add to Alberta's palaeontological collections and preserve its heritage. - This is a website for homeschooling parents to get information on homeschooling in Alberta, Grades 1 to 12.


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