Technology (Mechanical)

Pliers, pointed
For fine work. Drop forged, 15 cm long, 5 cm jaws.
TOOL.02     $6.95 each

Also see the section on Electricity for wire strippers, pliers, etc.

PROP.01     $3.00 each   Basic good quality plastic propeller, 15 cm (6 inch) length/diameter, 2 blades, 2 mm centre hole. Attach to a motor shaft to illustrate the operation of a motor (or make an electric fan).
PROP.02     $29.95/doz. 
Same as above, one dozen.
PROP.03     $5.00 each
   Propeller, 4 "wide" vanes, looks like a boat propeller, 2 mm centre hole, 2.25 inch diameter.
PROP.04     $3.00 each   Propeller, 3 "thin" vanes, 2 mm centre hole, various colours, 3 inch diameter.

Wheels, plastic
Plastic wheels for model building, 39 mm diameter, 2 mm centre hole. Available in 4 colours: red, green, blue and yellow.
WHEL.01     Single wheels                  $0.50 each
     Package of 60 wheels     $29.95/pkg

Spring Scales
Not to worry! These scales can be used in any season, not just spring! These plastic and metal spring scales are calibrated in grams and Newtons. (Wasn't he the guy who invented fig cookies?) Also known as force meters. Smaller ranges are more sensitive, but have less capacity.
SCAL.01     0 to 250 g (2.5 N) blue        $8.95 each
    0 to 500 g (5 N) green         $8.95 each
0 to 1000 g (10 N) beige     $8.95 each
    0 to 2000 g (20 N) red        $8.95 each
    0 to 3000 g (30 N) white     $8.95 each
0 to 5000 g (50 N) yellow   $8.95 each

Pulley Sheaves
Also known as our "red pulleys". These are the plastic pulley sheaves ONLY, no axle, no supporting frame (i.e. "round wheels"). All have a deep "V" groove around the circumference and 4 mm centre hole. These are mostly used as "drive pulleys" for belt-driven electrical models, but can also be used as wheels for model vehicles (with or without rubber O-Rings [below] as tires).
PULL.07     small, 30 mm diameter         $1.00 each
     medium, 40 mm diameter     $1.25 each
     large, 50 mm diameter         $1.50 each

Pulleys, plastic
Excellent quality, free-running pulleys. Available with 1, 2 or 3 sheaves (wheels) with deep V grooves, all 50 mm diameter. Hard plastic with metal centre axle shaft. Housing/frame is 120 mm long by 35 mm wide with 5 mm "eye" on each end.
PULL.01     Single sheave     $3.95 each
     Double sheave   $4.95 each
Triple sheave     $5.95 each

O-Rings, rubber
Used as rubber "tires" around the red pulley sheaves (above) to give them more "grip" when used as wheels.
ORIN.01     Small (25 mm), fits small red pulley sheave (PULL.07 above)            $0.50 each
     Medium (39 mm), fits medium red pulley sheave (PULL.08 above)   $0.75 each
Large (50 mm), fits large red pulley sheave (PULL.09 above)           $1.00 each

Pulley Set
Includes two single-sheave pulleys (PULL.01), one double-sheave pulley (PULL.02), one triple-sheave pulley (PULL.03), all on frames as described above, plus connectors and instructional guide. (String not included.) Build simple cranes and more advanced constructions. Not recommended for children ages 3 and under.
PULL.04     $21.95/set

Pulley Sheaves, set of 4, black
For when you want a variety of sizes or don't know what pulley size to get.   Black plastic, includes 4 different sizes (10, 20, 30, 40 mm diameters), 3 larger ones with 3 mm centre hole and smallest with 2 mm centre hole.
PULL.13     $3.95 set of 4

Used for demonstrating hydraulics and pneumatics, these syringes are available in 5 sizes. No needles! Syringe body and plunger only.  Luer-Lok tip fits standard aquarium tubing.
SYRG.01     60 ml   $3.50 each
     30 ml   $2.50 each
     20 ml   $2.25 each
     10 ml   $2.00 each
5 ml     $1.50 each

Plastic Tubing
Clear plastic (vinyl?) tubing, flexible.  Standard aquarium tubing for use in demonstrating hydraulics and pneumatics.  Fits the Luer-Lok tips of the syringes above.  .
PNEU.01     $0.75 per metre

Pneumatics / Hydraulics Kit
Great introduction to the world of pneumatics/hydraulics. Use the materials provided to build 3 different working models: car jack (hoist), robotic clamping arm, and a double-hinged arm.  Kit includes syringes, clear flexible tubing, valves, coroplast building material, joiners and activity book.
KITT.28     $49.95 each

The basic unit of how we sell gears is the "stem" or "sprue", similar to how you find moulded plastic model parts connected when you first open the box. Each stem holds 4 gears, one each of:
40 mm dia. / 40 teeth, 5 mm hole
30 mm dia. / 30 teeth, 5 mm hole
20 mm dia. / 20 teeth, 5 mm hole
13 mm dia. / 12 teeth, 1.5 mm hole
plus 3 shaft adapters, all moulded out of the same tough plastic (available in blue, green or red). The three larger gears are bevelled, so they can be used in pairs to transfer rotational power 90 degrees. Shaft adapters are "plugs" used to adapt the 5 mm (3 / 16 inch) diameter centre gear hole to a 3 mm size, if necessary. Note that the smallest gear has a centre hole that matches the shaft diameter of our electric motors ELEC.13 and ELEC.45 and makes an excellent drive gear.
GEAR.05     Whole stem (4 different gears + 3 plugs)      $2.50/stem

Gear Kit
Contains gears as above (6 whole stems), cams as below (4 different shapes), Jax Joiners, bamboo skewers, "Meshing Around With Gears" booklet, and 8 X 11 inch sheet of corroplast to make 4 different working models (gearing concept model, trundle wheel, fan and winch) illustrating gear principles: gear meshing, gearing up and gearing down, and compound gearing. A great introduction to the world of gears.
GEAR.12      $29.95 kit

Worm Gears
Our worm gears come in 2 sizes, small (8 mm dia.), and large (15 mm dia.). Both are 25 mm long, with a 2 mm shaft hole that fits perfectly on our electric motors ELEC.13 and ELEC.45 as drive gears.
GEAR.01     Small (8 mm dia.), single                      $2.25 each
     Large (15 mm dia.), single                   $2.50 each

A cam is a "wheel" with a shaft hole off-centre to provide for an eccentric motion (up & down) as the cam rotates. Each "stem" comes with 4 cams: 1 small pear shape, 1 large pear shape, 1 off-centre round wheel & 1 step spiral (snail shell) shape. Shaft holes are 3 mm diameter, too large for our electric motor shafts, but can be used with bamboo skewers sanded to fit. Available in green, red, yellow or blue. Made in Canada.
GEAR.03     Whole stem with 4 cam shapes                  $2.00/stem
    Package of 20 stems, total of 80 cams       $29.95/pkg


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