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Project Display Trifold
Simple large white cardboard trifold, excellent for mounting science fair project displays, charts, graphs, posters, photographs, etc.  Also used as privacy screens and lightweight backdrop or scenery base for theatre or dance groups.  60" high by maximum 96" wide when unfolded flat.  Easily cut down to any size with razor knife.  Hint: Check with your science fair co-ordinator to make sure the size falls within their prescribed limits.  This is the "offically" recommended trifold for the Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF).  This item is so large, even when folded, that shipping them outside of Calgary is impractical.  Delivery to Calgary addresses available (delivery fee applies), or pickup at our Hawkwood showroom is OK.
TRIF.01   Trifold, white cardboard, 60" X 96"    $22.95 

Tuning Forks
Scientific tuning, not concert tuning. Full octave available, from middle C to high C. Gently strike the tuning fork with a rubber hammer or tap the tuning fork against the heel of your shoe, and hold it next to your ear to hear the tone. Experiment with different sounding boards to amplify the sound. TUNE.02 is the best for demonstrating the vibration of a tuning fork by striking it, then dipping the vibrating tines in a glass of water. The vibrating tuning fork splashes drops of water up to 1 foot away.
TUNE.01   middle C (256 Hz)   $15.00 each
  D (288 Hz)   $15.00 each
  E (320 Hz)   $15.00 each
F (341.3 Hz)   $15.00 each
G (384 Hz)   $15.00 each
A (426.6 Hz)   $15.00 each
  B (480 Hz)   $15.00 each
  high C (512 Hz)   $15.00 each
  full octave, TUNE.01 to TUNE.08   $100.00 set

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