Light, Optics and Magnification
(including lenses, mirrors and prisms)

Magnifier, glass
Solid, scratch-resistant glass lens, metal frame. Standard issue Sherlock Holmes equipment, but also good for stamp collecting, insect viewing, etc.  
MAGG.31   4.5" lens   $16.95 each

Magnifier, acrylic
Standard classroom magnifier, all acrylic. Two lenses, 3x and 6x.  The larger 3x lens is 45 mm diameter.  Total length is 112 mm (4 3/8").  
MAGG.44  $2.50 each

Magnifier, Table Top Tripod
Huge three and a half inch plano-convex glass lens.  Pre-focused, just place on top of object to be viewed.  4 inches (100 mm) tall.  Excellent for primary grades, or hands-free magnification for finely detailed work.
MAGG.24   $39.95 each

Magnifying Box, small
Small clear acrylic box, removable lid has 4x magnifying lens.  Great "bug box" for capture & observation of insects, as well as examination of rocks and nature specimens of all kinds!  25 x 25 x 22 mm high.
MAGG.15   $1.95 each

Magnifying Box, large
Similar to above, lid has 3x magnifying lens. 38 x 38 x 38 mm high.  ("Large Bug Box")
MAGG.16   $3.95 each

Jeweler's Loupe
Magnifying Loupe, "Jeweler's Eye Loupe" type, 5x acrylic lens.  Usually used by people doing fine close-up work that needs to be magnified.  Adults can "squint fit" these directly over their eye so their facial muscles will hold it in place, thus freeing both hands for work.  Can be stacked together for increased magnification.  
MAGG.37   $3.00 each

Folding Triple Hand Lens
Pocket loupe with three lenses that can be used singly or all at once to increase magnifying power.  Lenses fold into case, assorted pastel colours.  All plastic, lenses are 1" in diameter.
MAGG.19   $2.95 each

Lens Paper
Lens wipe paper, 50 sheets.  For cleaning fine optics.
LENS.01   $2.95/pkg

Glass Lenses
We have a variety of odd glass surplus lenses in stock.  Some are near perfect, some seconds with slight scratches or chips.  We have plano-convex, double convex, plano-concave & double concave, diameters from 30 to 75 mm, with a variety of focal lengths.  Range from $2 to $10 each.  Call or visit us with your needs, and we will try to match them as closely as possible. 

Lenses, glass, unmounted
When ordering, please be careful to double-check the indicated specifications of the individual lenses.  It is very easy to order the wrong lenses.  Best if selected in person from our showroom.
LENS.08   Bi-Concave, 50 mm dia., F.L. 5 cm     $6.00 each
   Bi-Concave, 50 mm dia., F.L. 10 cm   $5.00 each
   Bi-Concave, 50 mm dia., F.L. 15 cm   $4.00 each
   Bi-Concave, 50 mm dia., F.L. 20 cm   $3.00 each
   Bi-Concave, 50 mm dia., F.L. 25 cm   $3.00 each
   Bi-Convex, 50 mm dia., F.L. 5 cm        $6.00 each
LENS.33   Bi-Convex, 50 mm dia., F.L. 10 cm    $5.00 each
LENS.13   Bi-Convex, 50 mm dia., F.L. 15 cm     $4.00 each
   Bi-Convex, 50 mm dia., F.L. 20 cm     $3.00 each
   Bi-Convex, 50 mm dia., F.L. 25 cm     $3.00 each
   Bi-Convex, 50 mm dia., F.L. 50 cm     $3.00 each
   Bi-Concave, 38 mm dia., F.L. 5 cm     $4.00 each
   Bi-Concave, 38 mm dia., F.L. 10 cm   $4.00 each
   Bi-Concave, 38 mm dia., F.L. 15 cm   $3.00 each
   Bi-Concave, 38 mm dia., F.L. 20 cm   $3.00 each
   Bi-Concave, 38 mm dia., F.L. 25 cm   $3.00 each
   Bi-Concave, 38 mm dia., F.L. 30 cm   $3.00 each
   Bi-Convex, 38 mm dia., F.L. 5 cm        $4.00 each
   Bi-Convex, 38 mm dia., F.L. 10 cm     $4.00 each
   Bi-Convex, 38 mm dia., F.L. 15 cm     $3.00 each
   Bi-Convex, 38 mm dia., F.L. 20 cm     $3.00 each
   Bi-Convex, 38 mm dia., F.L. 25 cm     $3.00 each
   Bi-Convex, 38 mm dia., F.L. 30 cm     $3.00 each

Lens Set, Demonstration
Teaching set of 6 unmounted clear glass lenses, all 50 mm diameter.  Includes one each of: Bi-convex (F.L. 150 mm)
Bi-concave (F.L. 150 mm)
Plano-convex (F.L. 200 mm)
Plano-concave (F.L. 200 mm)
Convexo-concave (F.L. 200 / 500 mm)
Concavo-convex (F.L. 200 / 500 mm)
LENS.07   $29.95/set

Mirrors, round, glass, concave
MIRR.08   Concave, 100 mm dia., F.L. 25 cm   $10.00 each
MIRR.09   Concave, 75 mm dia, F.L. 7.5 cm   $8.00 each
MIRR.10   Concave, 50 mm dia, F.L. 5 cm   $6.00 each
MIRR.11   Concave, 38 mm dia, F.L. 25 cm   $3.00 each
We have a few larger concave mirrors available, purchased as surplus, up to 27 cm across!   Call or visit for sizes and prices.

Mirrors, round, glass, convex
MIRR.12   Convex, 100 mm dia., F.L. 25 cm   $10.00 each
MIRR.13   Convex, 75 mm dia., F.L. 7.5 cm     $8.00 each
MIRR.14   Convex, 50 mm dia., F.L. 5 cm       $6.00 each
MIRR.15   Convex, 38 mm dia., F.L. 25 cm     $3.00 each

Want to make a rainbow without a prism?  Rest a flat mirror at an angle in a shallow pan of water (1" to 2" deep) in a sun beam (flashlights are just not strong enough).  The "wedge" of water above the mirror acts like a prism and will break up the sunlight into the spectral colours.  It also helps if the room is darkened slightly.  (If you prefer to use a real prism, we sell those, too.)  

Mirror, square/rectangular, glass
Excellent quality flat plane glass mirrors, all edges ground for safety, but NOT unbreakable.  Recommended for children 10+.
MIRR.03   100 x 100 mm, plane surface   $2.95 each
  150 x 38 mm, plane surface   $2.95 each

Mylar, Aluminized
This is the stuff you've been waiting for!  Thin, flexible mylar with a mirror-like finish on both sides.  Thin enough to be rolled, creased and cut with scissors, and stiff enough to spring back flat when rolled.  Excellent for making class sets of inexpensive kaleidoscopes and periscopes!  Very safe, no sharp edges.  With a slight transmission ability, can even be used to make two-way mirrors.  Sold as sheets 12" x 42".
MYLR.01   $5.95 each

Prism, acrylic, right angle
Unbreakable acrylic right angle prism, 45 mm long.  Refract white light to create a rainbow, or make a periscope!
PRIS.01   $7.95 each

Prism, acrylic, equilateral
The classic thing you think of when you hear the word "prism".   Unbreakable acrylic equilateral prisms.  These prisms make a much wider spectrum than PRIS.01 above.  As with all prisms, pure sunlight is preferred over sources of artificial light to create delightfully intense spectra.
PRIS.15   150 mm long with each side of the equilateral triangle measuring 25 mm wide   $12.95 each

Prism, glass, equilateral
Still the classic thing you think of when you hear the word "prism".   Real glass equilateral prisms.  Heavier than the acrylic ones above, these may have small chips from the manufacturing process and handling.   Again, as with all prisms, pure sunlight is preferred over sources of artificial light to create delightfully intense spectra.
PRIS.19   75 mm long with each side of the equilateral triangle measuring 25 mm wide   $11.95 each

Rainbow Bouncer Disk
Place this reflective diffraction grating disk on a sunny window sill and project a stunning display of rainbow spots around the room.
PRIS.03   $2.50 each

Diffraction Slides
Clear diffraction grating, single axis or multiple axes.  Mounted in 35 mm slide frame, used to make simple spectrometers.
PRIS.04   $2.00 each 1,000 lines per mm (single axis)
PRIS.16   $2.00 each 500 lines per mm (single axis)
PRIS.17   $2.00 each 13,500 lines per inch, 4 axes at 45 degrees apart, makes an 8-pointed sprectra like the one produced by our Rainbow Diffraction Glasses and Rainbow Peephole (below)

Rainbow Diffraction Glasses
Very popular!  Thin cardboard frame glasses (one size fits all) with clear diffraction grating lenses.  Any point source of light becomes the centre of a burst of rainbow colours. (Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!)   Imagine fireworks times eight when viewed through these glasses!  Fabulous effect, great for Light & Colour unit, if the kids can ever get them away from the adults!  (Never look directly at the sun!)
PRIS.05   $1.95 each

Rainbow Peephole
Four-axis diffraction grating to give eight-pointed star spectra, identical effect to the Rainbow Diffraction Glasses (PRIS.05) above, but cheaper.  Excellent for classroom incentives, giveaways, rewards or party treats.  Colourful cardboard disk, 1 3/4" diameter total with centre hole holding the clear diffraction grating. 
PRIS.08   single        $0.75 each
PRIS.09   lot of 10   $6.95 /lot

Solar Viewing Glasses
Also called "Eclipse Shades", these are thin cardboard paper frame glasses with special black polymer lenses, safe for sun observation, either during a solar eclipse or anytime.  With these glasses, you can even comfortably view the filaments of high-intensity household bulbs like halogens.  Normal low-intensity light will not pass through, so don't wear these while operating machinery, or even just walking around!   Use with caution and adult supervision. 
GLAS.03   $4.95 each

#14 Welder’s Glass
Yes, we sell that hard-to-find welder’s glass that astronomers recommend for viewing solar eclipses safely.  Called Welder’s Glass shade 14-H, it is a 10.7 cm X 5 cm (2" X 4 1/4") piece of special glass so dark, ordinary room lights can’t be seen through it.  Heat treated glass filter plate provides infrared and ultraviolet protection while viewing the sun.  Impact resistant, but not unbreakable.   Conforms with ANSI Z87.1-1989 and CSA Z94.3M-1988. This stuff is getting really hard to find because I've been told that it isn't actually used for welding any more, so many suppliers are discontinuing it!  Have no fear, even if we run out of stock on this item, there are also the Solar Viewing Glasses above that can be used for safely viewing solar events.   
SOLR.02   $9.95 each

TOPS Module #17 - Light
Light is magic unless you can see through the illusions. If you understand its particle and wave nature - how it reflects off mirrors and refracts through water, how it magnifies and shrinks whole worlds through lenses and pinholes and turns them upside down, how it adds and subtracts colour and splits itself into rainbows, then, better than magic, light becomes a predictable, trusted friend. Traditional lab equipment - optical benches, ray tables, prisms, curved lenses and mirrors - normally cost big bucks. But Light achieves even better results using little more than 2 ordinary hand lenses. Throw in an extra penny-sized lens and your students will even build microscopes & telescopes! Book of 36 lessons, grades 6 to 11*.
TOPS.17 Light      $26.95


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