Science Is...   Order Form
Print a hard copy of this form, fill in by hand (neatly please!), then mail or fax to us. 
If you are unsure of the total, please contact us.
Mail to:
Science Is... P.O. Box 64291, Calgary, Alberta T2K 6J0
Or fax to 403-547-0235 or send an e-mail to:
Telephone orders or questions can be made to 403-547-4422.

BILLING INFORMATION: (Please print clearly)
Date: ________________________ Purchase Order: ______________________
Name: ____________________________ School (if applicable): _________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
City: _______________ Province: _____ Postal Code: _____________
Telephone: __________________ Fax: ___________________

DELIVERY ADDRESS (if different from above):
Name: __________________________ School (if applicable): __________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________
City: ________________ Province: ____ Postal Code: _______________






SHIPPING* (Subject to change / oversize charges)

Pickup in showroom: no charge                                 Calgary Delivery Rate* (any size of order): $15.00       Canada outside Calgary: 10% ($15.00 minimum)
USA: $18.00 (Canadian $) minimum

Minimum Shipping* $15.00

* Shipping charges not necessary if you are picking up the order at our showroom.
Use separate sheet if necessary.                                              Total Goods + Delivery =    ____________
(Our GST #: 124897950)                                 For Canadian orders, add GST / HST =    ____________
                                                                                                               Grand Total =    ____________
GST for Canadian orders is 5%.  We do not charge PST.  
Incomplete Order Forms (including insufficient shipping charges) cannot be processed.
Please call if there are any questions or concerns (we are quite friendly.)

Visa Card #: ___________________________________    Signature: __________________________
(We regret that we cannot accept any credit cards other than Visa at this time.)
Expiry date: __________________              Print Name on card: _______________________________