Science Is...   Order Form
Print a hard copy of this form, fill in by hand (neatly please!), then mail or fax to us. 
If you are unsure of the total, please contact us.
Mail to:
Science Is... P.O. Box 64291, Calgary, Alberta T2K 6J0
Or fax to 403-547-0235 or send an e-mail to:
Telephone orders or questions can be made to 403-547-4422.

BILLING INFORMATION: (Please print clearly)
Date: ________________________ Purchase Order: ______________________
Name: ____________________________ School (if applicable): _________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
City: _______________ Province: _____ Postal Code: _____________
Telephone: __________________ Fax: ___________________

DELIVERY ADDRESS (if different from above):
Name: __________________________ School (if applicable): __________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________
City: ________________ Province: ____ Postal Code: _______________







SHIPPING* (Subject to adjustments for size, weight and insurance)

Pickup in showroom by appointment: no charge                Calgary Delivery Rate*: $18.00                                  Canada outside Calgary: 10% ($18.00 minimum)
USA: Contact us for a quote.

Minimum Shipping* $18.00


* Shipping charges not necessary if you are picking up the order at our showroom.
Use separate sheet if necessary.                                              Total Goods + Delivery =    ____________
(Our GST #: 124897950)                                 For Canadian orders, add GST / HST =    ____________
                                                                                                               Grand Total =    ____________

GST for Canadian orders is 5%.  We are also required to charge HST for those provinces that have it.  

NOTE: PAYMENT OPTIONS...  Due to outrageous Credit Card Merchant Fees charged to small companies like ours, IF (and ONLY IF) paying by credit card, we must add a 4% admin fee.  We would prefer not to charge this fee at all, so we actively discourage payment by credit card.  There is NO admin fee if payment is made by any other method.  e-Transfer is always welcome, but call or e-mail for a Quote first.     

Incomplete Order Forms (including insufficient shipping charges) cannot be processed.

Please call if there are any questions or concerns (we are quite friendly.)

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Expiry date: __________________              CCV: _________        Print Name on card: _______________________________

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