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Solar Viewing Glasses
Called "Eclipse Shades", these are thin cardboard paper frame glasses with special black polymer lenses, safe for sun observation, either during a solar eclipse or anytime.  With these glasses, you can even comfortably view the filaments of high-intensity household bulbs like halogens.  Normal low-intensity light will not pass through, so don't wear these while operating machinery, or even just walking around!   Use with caution and adult supervision. 
GLAS.03   $4.95 each

# 14 Welder’s Glass
Yes, we sell that hard-to-find welder’s glass that astronomers recommend for viewing solar eclipses safely.  Called Welder’s Glass shade 14-H, it is a 10.7 cm X 5 cm (2" X 4 1/4") piece of special glass so dark, ordinary room lights can’t be seen through it.  Heat treated glass filter plate provides infrared and ultraviolet protection while viewing the sun.  Impact resistant, but not unbreakable.   Conforms with ANSI Z87.1-1989 and CSA Z94.3M-1988  This stuff is getting really hard to find because I've been told that it isn't actually used for welding any more, so many suppliers are discontinuing it! Have no fear, even if we run out of stock on this item, there are also the Solar Viewing Glasses above that can be used for safely viewing solar events.
SOLR.02   $9.95 each

Solar Cell (Photovoltaic Cell, Solar Panel)
Solar Panel (100 x 70 x 4 mm) with attached positive and negative lead wires approximately 12 cm long, ending in alligator clips.  Turn sunlight into electricity.  Note: One of the common misconceptions about solar cells is that they somehow "charge up" when you put them in the sunshine.  This is incorrect.   Solar cells convert solar energy (sunlight) into electricity, but they do not store the electricity.  For that you need rechargable batteries Provides a maximum of 0.5 volts at 1000 mA in very bright sunshine.  Great for science fair projects.  Join two or more in series to increase the voltage produced.  Join two or more in parallel to increase the amperage produced.  Ages 12 to adult.
SOLR.18   $14.95 each

This has got to be the coolest science toy around!  A clear glass bulb, partially evacuated, contains 4 vanes or wings balanced on a virtually frictionless pin bearing.   The vanes are black on one side, white on the other.  When placed in sunlight or under a bright incandescent lamp, the vanes will spin around.  The brighter the light, the faster the vanes will spin.  Very fragile, for ages 12+.
SOLR.08   $19.95 each

Sunprint Paper
Make sun print images without a camera!  Sunprint paper goes through a chemical change when exposed to light.  Use this light-sensitive paper on a sunny day, either outside or on a sunny windowsill (even works on some overcast days - experiment to find out).  Here's how it works: In a dimly-lit room, place any object that casts a shadow like a tree leaf, a fern leaf, confetti, a photographic negative (OK, in this age of digital photography, you kids may not even know what that is! - ask your parents if they have any), etc. on the blue, light-sensitive paper.  Cover with the clear acrylic sheet that comes with the full kit.  Take this assembly outside and place it on a solid surface where it is exposed to the sun.  Leave it alone for 1 to 5 minutes (depending on the strength of the sunlight), until the paper turns almost white.  Without moving the object off the paper, quickly bring the assembly back into the dimly-lit room, take the exposed paper and rinse in water for about 1 minute.  Dry flat.  What you will have is a preserved image of the shadow of the object.  Another manufacturer sells a similar product known as "solargraphics paper".  For ages 6+.
MISC.76    Sunprint Kit, 12 sheets of Sunprint paper (10 X 10 cm), plus 1 acrylic sheet (10 X 10 cm)                $9.95 each
MISC.77    Sunprint Refill Kit, 12 sheets of Sunprint paper (10 X 10 cm)                                                            $5.95 each
MISC.78    Super Sunprint Kit, 15 sheets of Sunprint paper (20 X 30 cm), plus 1 acrylic sheet (20 X 30 cm)     $24.95 each
MISC.79    Super Sunprint Refill Kit, 15 sheets of Sunprint paper (20 X 30 cm)                                                 $17.95 each

UV Beads
This is a fun and creative way to detect and demonstrate the effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation (the component of sunshine that causes sunburns) that comes from the sun.   When these small plastic pony beads are exposed to sunlight, even on cloudy days, they change from white to colours.  Out of the sunlight, they turn back to white.   Regular light bulbs (incandescent and flourescent) will not affect them because they lack UV radiation.  For a science fair project (i.e. which sunblock is more effective?) put sunscreen on a bead and you can see the UV blocking effect.   Experiment with materials that supposedly block UV rays (sunscreen, sunglasses, tinted glass, etc.).  Use for craft necklaces/bracelets, party favours, as well as discussion of non-visible wavelengths of radiation, or just for fun.  Can cycle from white to colour and back again over 50,000 times.  For ages 6+.
SOLR.16    Ultraviolet Beads, package of approx. 100, mixed colours     $5.95 per pkg

Portable UV Blacklight / UV Flashlight
Great for UV Beads (above) and Glo Germ Powder (below), also invisible ink, glow in the dark paints, counterfit money detection, pet satin and soiled surface detection.   Certain antique glass and art, some natural minerals and even some insects (i.e. scorpions) will also glow under UV light.  High output LEDs.  Operates on 3 AAA batteries (not included).  Use with caution and adult supervision. 
MISC.97   $19.95 each

Glo Germ Powder
Non-toxic white powder glows under ultraviolet light.  "Simulated germs" used by health nurses and lab trainers to safely demonstrate proper cleaning or disinfecting methods.  Sprinkle or smear a bit of Glo Germ powder on the surface to be tested (you don't have to use much - the amount on the end of a toothpick is plenty for most tests - a very little bit goes a long way).  Test with UV light source to show where the powder is, then clean surface by whatever method you choose.  Re-test with UV light source to see how good your cleaning practice is.  Full bottle of this very fine powder contains approximately 30 grams, but it is labelled as containing "4 fluid ounces".  
MISC.62    Glo-Germ Powder, full bottle, shaker lid, approximately 30 grams    $39.95 per bottle  
MISC.63    Glo-Germ Powder, 3 grams    $6.00 per vial


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