Science Is... offers educational science workshops for Professional Development Days, Homeschool parents and students of all ages. We show that teaching science doesn’t have to be a chore. We make science FUN! Workshops can be tailored to the age level and special interests of the group. We can supply all materials, set up, conduct the workshop, answer questions and clean up.

Kitchen Chemistry: Using materials easily found in any kitchen, you can make cottage cheese like the pioneers did! Children and adults alike delight when two liquids combine to make a solid! The presentation can be geared to any or all of the following subjects: Food Science, Pioneer Life, Acids and Bases, Basic Laboratory Skills and Terminology, Introduction to Variables.

Electricity: Building a battery-powered vehicle as part of the Alberta Grade 5 Science Curriculum (see below - our most popular workshop).  Simple circuits using home-made materials, series and parallel circuits, experiment with static electricity using a Van de Graaf generator, make your own model electric motor.

Magnetism: Determining the North and South poles of a magnet, magnetic fields, magnets in our lives, compasses, electromagnets, etc.

Making a Battery-Powered Vehicle: A favourite of Calgary teachers! An introduction (or review) of simple electrical circuits, the principles of basic vehicle design and construction, suggestions for new and recycled partsCall 403-547-4422 or e-mail for details. .

Whiz-Bang Science: Grab their attention with Whiz-Bang Science! Mostly a demonstration presentation, as some of these activities can be unsuitable for younger children. Whiz-Bang Science is a sampling of various aspects of physics and chemistry. Fun stuff done with simple materials. Expect pops, bangs and booms, with explanations geared to the age and experience of the audience.

Rocks: Hands-on examination of rock samples, emphasis on local materials. Describing the 3 different rock types: igneous, sedimentary & metamorphic and their formation, the difference between rocks & minerals.

Minerals: Hands-on examination of mineral samples, including crystals. The difference between rocks and minerals, describing and identifying rocks and minerals using simple hands-on tests, everyday uses of minerals.

Geology: What is a geologist? Quick tour of rocks, minerals, crystals and fossils. A simple mapping project activity.

Fossils and Dinosaurs: What is a fossil and how are they formed? Make your own "fossil", fossil excavation project (dig your own real fossil). Simple classification, hands-on examination of a variety of fossils (including real dinosaur bone), "search and classify" activity.

Other science workshops and hands-on demonstrations can be designed (6 weeks notice required). Contact George Pastirik at Science Is... (403) 547-4422 for further information.


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