As you can see by the very few listings on this page, we don't carry too many books.  That's because there are tons of books on science topics typically available in book stores, online and in libraries.  We prefer to specialize in the hard to find science equipment and supplies you will see on our other pages, but we really like the books listed below, as well as the TOPS units you can find on their own page. 

Mudpies to Magnets
A Pre-school Science Curriculum. Here are 112 ready-to-use science experiments for the very young. Each provides direct, hands-on learning activities which young children can experience themselves. Includes Science Centre Activities, Construction & Measurement, Circle Time Activities, Scientific Art, Wet & Messy Science, Health & Nutrition, Outdoor Science, etc. Ages 2 to 6 if teacher/parent demonstrates, ages 6 and up for hands-on. 157 pages.
BOOK.009             $27.95 each

More Mudpies to Magnets
Science for Young Children. Develop basic science skills with these hands-on activities that will capture the imagination of young children. Sections include: Colours, Crystals and Creations (Chemistry Beginnings); How Things Work (First Physics); Digging in the Dirt (Earth Explorations); How Hot, How Cold, How Windy, How Wet (Weather Watchers); Aerial Acrobatics (Flight and Space); Roots and Shoots (All About Plants); Houses for "Snugs", Hideouts for Hamsters (Animal Adventures); How Much, How Far, How Many (Mathworks). Ages 2 to 8 if teacher/parent demonstrates, ages 8 and up if hands-on. 205 pages.
BOOK.016             $27.95 each

For more excellent books, be sure to visit our page describing the popular TOPS Units.   There you will find dozens of books covering specific areas of science and math education such as Electricity, Magnetism, Probability, Animal Survival, Rocks & Minerals, Planets & Stars, etc.  All the TOPS books contain science or math activities that use simple materials easily found around the home or classroom like paper clips, rubber bands, baby food jars, soup cans, etc.  Only a very small amount, if any, equipment needs to be purchased and this varies from Unit to Unit.  Items such as a thermometer, a small magnifier, a magnet, some simple chemicals, etc. are available from Science Is... if you don't have access to them elsewhere.  Click here: TOPS PAGE to see the excellent TOPS units. 


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