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Fossil Shark Teeth
Real fossil shark teeth, some are black in colour and some are light brown or cream in colour, imported from Florida and/or Morocco.  Miocene age.  Larger teeth are impressive, but may not be complete with "root".  Smaller teeth have a nicer shape & are more likely to be complete.  Nearly all will show some natural rounding caused by erosion.  Why pay big bucks for these in Banff or at fancy stores?   Our prices are much more reasonable.
SHRK.06   Medium (up to 30 mm)   $0.50 each
SHRK.09  Various sizes (mostly a little larger, more well-formed specimens) choice grade   $2.00 each

Fossil Shark Tooth Excavation Blocks
We know teachers want to have exciting, hands-on activities for their students, but don\'t always have the time or resources to prepare materials that capture students\' interest in science.  We hope this Fossil Excavation Block will provide a jump start for that interest.  Excavation of fossils from the bedrock in Alberta normally requires a permit from the Alberta government, but now you can give your students the thrill of actually "digging" their own fossil, just like a real paleontologist!  We make these blocks of "pseudo-rock" (semi-hard plaster/sand mixture), with a real Miocene age fossil shark tooth embedded near the centre of the block.  (The fossils are imported from Florida and/or Morocco.)  Sometimes if the specimen is small, we will put more than one tooth in the block.  Students "excavate" their fossil with a simple scraping tool (i.e. a craft stick) to remove the fossil completely, or once exposed, leave the shark tooth half embedded for a more authentic look.  Also available in sets of 12 for a ready-to-teach lesson or an emergency lesson for your substitute teacher.
FOSL.02   Single block   $2.00 each
  Set of 12 w/Teacher\'s Guide, scraping sticks   $19.95/set

30 Specimen Rock Collection:
Samples are approximately 2 cm across, unmounted, numbered and come in a sectioned cardboard box.  Includes a study guide, identification key, steel nail and 5X magnifier.  Set contains granite (red), granite (gray), diorite, gabbro, rhyolite, rhyolite porphyry, basalt, andesite, obsidian, tuff, pumice, shale, sandstone, arkose, conglomerate, limestone, fossiliferous limestone, dolostone, chert, coal (bituminous), rock gypsum, coal (anthracite), serpentine, phyllite, schist, slate, quartzite, marble, gneiss and hornfels.
ROCK.02   $45.00/set

30 Specimen Mineral Collection:
Samples are approximately 2 cm across, unmounted, numbered and come in a sectioned cardboard box.  Includes a study guide, identification key, small streak plate, steel nail and 5X magnifier.  Contains samples of sulfur, graphite, galena, chalcopyrite, pyrite, magnetite, chromite, hematite, bauxite, halite, fluorite, calcite, azurite, barite, selenite, quartz, quartz crystal, amethyst, silicified wood, potassium feldspar, plagioclase feldspar, serpentine, talc, muscovite mica, biotite mica, hornblende, augite, tourmaline, olivine and garnet.
MNRL.11   $45.00/set

See Rentals section for information on renting our beautiful 30 piece rock and mineral set with 4 to 5 cm specimens.

Individual Mineral Samples
This list represents what we have on hand at the time of publishing.  Additional mineral types will be added as they become available.  Please call or fax for an update.  Samples vary in size, but most are approximately 3 cm across.
MNRL.02   Quartz (crystal, small)   $2.00 each
Halite   $1.00 each
Magnetite, small bag or vial of chips and sand-sized particles   $1.00 each (for each bag or vial, not each individual bit, silly)
MNRL.15   Mica (var. muscovite)   $1.00 each
Quartz (massive)   $1.00 each
   Galena   $1.00 each
Pyrite   $2.00 each
Hematite   $1.00 each
21   Fluorite   $2.00 each
22   Calcite   $1.00 each
24   Barite   $1.00 each
   Gypsum (var. alabaster)   $1.00 each
26   Amethyst Quartz   $1.00 each
27   Feldspar (orthoclase/potash/potassium feldspar)   $1.00 each
30   Talc/Soapstone   $1.00 each
31   Feldspar (undifferentiated, pink)   $1.00 each
32   Hornblende   $1.00 each
35   Olivine   $1.00 each
   Garnets in matrix (see also ROCK.61 below)   $1.00 each
38   Mica (var. biotite)   $1.00 each
39   Graphite   $1.00 each
40   Dolomite-Ankerite   $1.00 each
42   Rose Quartz   $1.00 each
43   Smoky Quartz   $1.00 each

Individual Rock Samples
This list represents what we have on hand at the time of publishing.  Additional rock types will be added as they become available.  Please call or fax for an update.   Samples vary in size, but most are approximately 3 cm across. 

ROCK.04   Lodestone   $2.00 each   - see below for detailed description
ROCK.05   Pumice   $1.00 each   - see below for detailed description (much larger pieces are available.)
ROCK.08   Basalt   $1.00 each
  Chert   $1.00 each
  Conglomerate   $1.00 each
  Quartz Diorite   $1.00 each
  Dolostone   $1.00 each
   Gabbro   $1.00 each
  Gneiss   $1.00 each
  Granite   $1.00 each
  Gypsum (massive, Alabaster)   $1.00 each
  Hornfels   $1.00 each
Limestone   $1.00 each
   Marble  $1.00 each
  Obsidian   $1.00 each
  Phyllite   $1.00 each
  Quartzite   $1.00 each
  Rhyolite (may be banded)   $1.00 each
  Sandstone   $1.00 each
  Schist   $1.00 each
  Shale   $1.00 each
   Slate   $1.00 each
  Travertine   $1.00 each
Ironstone   $1.00 each
  Tuff   $1.00 each
  Agate   $1.00 each
   Igneous Breccia   $1.00 each
ROCK.48   Geode, golf ball size   $3.00 each   - see below for detailed description
ROCK.41   Basalt (vesicular)   $1.00 each
  Porphyry (feldspar phenocrysts)   $1.00 each
  Porphyry (hornblende phenocrysts)   $1.00 each
  Coal   $1.00 each
  Diorite   $1.00 each
  Diabase   $1.00 each
  Basalt (vesicular and porphyritic)   $1.00 each
  India Tree Moss Agate   $1.00 each
  Polka Dot Agate   $1.00 each
  Sodalite   $1.00 each
  Turritella fossils in matrix   $1.00 each
  Garnet, large single or double crystal (25 to 45 mm), no matrix, fractured but shows distinct crystal faces   $15.00 each  (see also MNRL.36 above)
ROCK.62   Garnet Phyllite   $1.00 each
  Garnet Schist   $1.00 each
  Siltstone   $1.00 each
  Limestone, with crinoid fossils   $1.00 each
     Petrified (Silicified) Wood   $1.00 each

Mineral Test Kit
Contains the following: unglazed white porcelain streak plate to check streak colour; glass scratch plate, iron nail and copper penny to test for hardness; 30 ml 10% hydrochloric acid to test for carbonates; magnet; magnifying glass and Basic Property Guide, all in a small cloth carrying pouch.  Individual components available separately.  
MNRL.04   $7.95 each

Streak Plates
Unglazed white porcelain tile, in two sizes, used to help determine the colour of a mineral\'s streak, a diagnostic property.
MNRL.05   47 X 47 mm (about 2 X 2 inches)   $1.00 each
MNRL.09   23 X 23 mm (about 1 X 1 inch)   $0.50 each
MNRL.41   23 X 23 mm (about 1 X 1 inch), strip of 12   $3.95 per strip

Glass Plate
Square glass tile, about 2 X 2 inches, used to help determine the hardness of a mineral, one of it\'s diagnostic properties.  Edges and corners ground for safety.
MNRL.07    $1.00 each

Hydrochloric Acid
Ten percent solution of hydrochloric acid, 30 ml in a squeeze dropper bottle.  Used to test for the presence of carbonate minerals.
CHEM.12a    $3.00 each

Cloth Sample Bags
Designed for collecting geological samples, but could be used for any number of purposes.   Simple cream-coloured cotton(?) cloth bag, 2 sizes available, string closure, large sewn-on tag for sample notes.  Makes a great marble bag!  The label on the bag is sewn onto the side of the bag, and sticks out like a flag on a pole.  The label is approximately 2 X 3 inches, white, and made of an untearable plastic/paper material that is easy to write on with most pens or a permanent marker.
BAG.01   10 X 15 cm (4 X 6 inches), approximately 300 ml volume, single   $0.75 each
BAG.02   10 X 15 cm (4 X 6 inches), bundle of 25   $15.95/bundle
BAG.03   12 X 18 cm (5 X 7 inches), approximately 600 ml volume, single   $1.00 each
BAG.04   12 X 18 cm (5 X 7 inches), bundle of 25    $24.95/bundle
BAG.05   20 X 28 cm (8 X 11 inches), approximately 2500 ml volume, single   $1.50 each
BAG.06   20 X 28 cm (8 X 11 inches), bundle of 25    $34.95/bundle

Semi-spherical rock specimens, available in 2 sizes: slightly smaller than a golf ball and slightly larger than a marble.   They don’t look like much from the outside, but crack them open with a hammer or cut them with a diamond saw, and you find that most are hollow, often with beautiful crystals lining the inside.  Sometimes you get a dud, but even these can be filled with a form of agate, often showing banded colours.  Lots of fun, but make sure the students wear safety glasses when pounding away on them.  It’s also a good idea to wrap the geode in a rag or strong paper bag before commencing the pummeling.   Sorry, but we cannot guarantee the contents or lack of same within the geodes.
ROCK.48   $3.00 each   (slightly smaller than a golf ball, many irregular shapes, like small gnarly potatoes)
ROCK.66   $1.50 each    (slightly larger than a marble)

The original magnet!  Naturally-occurring iron-rich rock that is actually magnetic!   Will pick up staples, gather iron filings, and deflect compass needles.   Individual pieces approx. 2 to 3 cm across.
ROCK.04   $2.00 each

Very unusual igneous rock!  Produced when molten lava formed with a "froth" on it, then cooled.  The millions of air pockets within this rock actually allow some specimens to float on water!  Note that denser specimens do not necessarily float.   Caution is necessary, as some pieces have sharp edges.  Larger pieces (fist-sized and bigger) are also available, based on weight.  
ROCK.05   $1.00 each (Standard 2 to 3 cm piece, may or may not float on water. Hey, it\'s a natural product, I can\'t help it!)

Rock Tumbler/Polisher Kit
Manufactured by Lortone (Model 3A), this is an excellent way to start or wrap up your "Rocks & Minerals" study unit. Transform dull, rough rocks into smooth, shiny, polished stones suitable for classroom giveaways or simple jewelry!  Please note that not all rocks can be tumble polished.  Trying to tumble sandstone, shale or limestone for example, will only result in a "soup" of muddy water and sand.   The best candidates for tumble polishing are rocks such as agates, jaspers, petrified wood, amethyst, jade, rhodonite, sodalite, obsidian, etc.  See "Mixed Tumbling Rocks" below. Full kit comes with electric motor/shaft support base, high quality water tight rubber tumbling barrel, grit kit (see below), approximately 1 pound (450 to 500 gram) bag of assorted rough rock and instruction book.  High quality Lortone Rotary Rock Tumblers are quiet, durable grinding and polishing machines, capable of operating 24 hours a day for many years.   (It will take 4 to 6 weeks to grind and polish a barrel of stones - 1 to 2 pounds or so.)  One year manufacturer\'s warranty.
TUMB.01   $159.95 per kit
TUMB.06   $139.95 tumbler with barrel and instruction book only (no rocks, no grit kit)

Grit Kit
Refill grits for Rock Tumbler (above). Contains coarse grit, fine grit, pre-polish and polish media. Enough for 1 or 2 complete tumbling loads for above tumbler.
TUMB.02   $11.95 per kit

Mixed Tumbling Rocks
A refill of "fresh" rocks for the tumbler described above.  Package contains approximately one pound (450 to 500 grams) of rough broken rocks, suitable for tumble polishing.  Contains a variety of rock types, colours and sizes.  May include: agates, jaspers, quartz, etc.
ROCK.35   Tumbling Mix   $8.95 per package

TOPS Module #23 - Rocks & Minerals
You don’t need exotic rocks and expensive minerals to teach Rocks and Minerals. Granite and basalt, plus coarse sand with flecks of mica are your most exotic requirements.  Your students will learn from those samples, then extend this knowledge to common rocks they find in their own back yards.  They will identify the 3 basic rock types - igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic - and further subdivide these into 12 distinct groups based on geological formation.  An egg carton organizes everything into a unique collection of personal discovery and learning experience.   Book of 36 lessons, originally written for grades 6 to 12, but many lessons can be simplified for younger grades.
TOPS.23   Rocks & Minerals   $26.95

WT_thegameof.jpg (2785 bytes)

The Game of Ocean
Your ticket to adventure as you probe the oceans depths, sail turbulent seas, witness fascinating relationships between the ocean environment and its creatures, meet its awesome inhabitants, and chart a course to far and distant shores. Played similarly to GAME.02 above, but question categories are:
Animals and
For 2 to 8 players, ages 10 through adult.
GAME.03   $16.95 each


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