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Some expensive science items are only needed in the classroom once or twice a year. Or maybe you are having a science-theme birthday party. Or maybe you need a decent piece of equipment to get those accurate observations and measurements for that spectacular science fair project. Or maybe you are a home schooler on a tight budget. All these reasons are why we have started a rental service for certain items we have that can be used for a few days then returned to us. We have even rented chemistry glassware for corporate parties! This rental service is available in the Calgary area only. Note: Of course, if the rental items are picked up by you and returned to our Hawkwood showroom, there is no delivery / set-up / pickup charge. We also have a convenience service option available for our rental materials as follows: If you would prefer we bring the items to you and then pick them up when you are finished with them, there is an $18 delivery / set-up / pickup charge in addition to the rates below. GST extra. The person or organization renting is responsible for (and will be charged for) repair or replacement due to any damage to or loss of materials while in their possession. Deposit required on all rental equipment (a Visa imprint is sufficient). Call us at 403-547-4422 for bookings and/or information on longer-term leases.

Is there something in our catalogue that you would like to see available for rent? We’re open to suggestions. Call or e-mail & we’ll talk.

Rental Items:

Van de Graaf Generator (400 KV)
Hair-raising experience! Astound your students with 5" lightning arcs! This is the famous kind of static electricity generator used by science centres around the world to amaze the public. 400,000 volt potential, floor model size (90 cm high). 35 cm aluminum globe, aluminum housing, wood base, PVC column, 16 page experiment book. Adult operation strongly recommended.
$20.00 per day, $80.00 per week

While the above Van de Graaf static electricity generators present no health hazard to the average person when properly used, persons with implanted electronic devices such as heart pacemakers are cautioned to avoid contact. Well, now that I’ve thoroughly frightened away any customers I may have had, let me say that the static shock produced by these generators is similar to that produced in the winter when shuffling across a rug and touching a light switch. We have rented these generators to moms putting together science theme birthday parties, organizers at summer science camps for kids, City of Calgary promotion eents, even a television production company!!!

The following items are included AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE (sorry, that's an electricity joke) in the rental of either of the Van de Graaf Generators:
1) Foot Switch - Start and stop your Van de Graaf Generator with the press of a foot, leaving your hands free to perform the static electricity activities.
2) Discharge Wand with Ground Terminal - Discharge your Van de Graaf Generator at a comfortable distance. Especially recommended for the 400 KV model. Contains 18 cm aluminum globe mounted on PVC column and attached ground terminal.
3) Box of static electricity "props" - Including a "wig" made of knitting wool, styrofoam bits, background science information/activity booklet, fluorescent bulb, etc.

Electronic Scale
Very easy to use. Has a maximum capacity of 6000 grams, accuracy of 0.1 gram. Be sure to book early for science fair time!
$5.00 per day, $25.00 per week

Human Skeleton
Full size model of adult human skeleton, with stand.  Movable joints, realistic bone colour.  Be sure to book early for Hallowe'en (or biology class)!
$20.00 per day, $80.00 per week

University quality full-size monocular microscope with 3 objectives (total 40X, 100X, 400X power) plus understage light source (plugs into regular household current). Collection of prepared slides included during rental period at no extra charge.
$10.00 per day, $50.00 per week

For revitalizing old Alnico, steel bars and horseshoe magnets. Save your science department time and money every school year. Instead of throwing away expensive Alnico, horseshoe and bar magnets that have lost their magnetism due to improper storage and repelling experiments, remagnetize them as often as you need with The Remagnetizer. (Other modern magnet materials such as ceramic, neodymium & samarium cobalt do not need remagnetizing.) Simply "recharge" your magnets by matching up opposite poles with The Remagnetizer (N to S and S to N). When the poles attract, the superior magnetism from the large neodymium magnets within The Remagnetizer rejuvenates the weak Alnico magnets. Adult supervision recommended.
$5.00 per day, $25.00 per week

Rock & Mineral Set
30 piece set, large specimens (2" X 2"). 15 minerals and 15 rocks numbered and identified. Includes: graphite, galena, pyrite, magnetite, hematite, limonite, halite, fluorite, calcite, azurite, selenite, quartz, potash feldspar, talc, muscovite mica, granite, rhyolite, basalt, pumice, obsidian, serpentinite, shale, sandstone, conglomerate, limestone, coal, slate, schist, gneiss, marble. Mineral Test Kit available for sale, see Earth Science section.
$5.00 per day, $25.00 per week

Pop Bottle Rocket Launcher
Now here’s something you don’t see every day! Very useful for science birthday parties, science fair projects, or just plain fun! This warm weather OUTSIDE activity also involves 2 litre plastic pop bottles, water and a bicycle pump (which you supply). Experiment with different amounts of water & air in the bottle. Sturdy wooden base, will not tip. Place water in bottle, attach the bottle to the rubber stopper, lock it in place with the sliding acrylic sheet, pump it up with the bicycle pump, then yank the acrylic sheet out and release the rocket. Guaranteed to get the local area wet!
$5.00 per day, $25.00 per week

Hova-Bator Egg Incubator: Large square styrofoam body. Top has a large clear plastic window for viewing of the incubation and hatching process. Picture window is double plate plastic with air space insulation to help eliminate moisture buildup, which would obstruct viewing. Large viewing area is ideal for classroom work, science projects, and for group observation of the hatching processes. Circulated Air Model. Will hold any size egg from 120 small Quail eggs, up to 42 large duck eggs.  Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 7 1/2", 110 Volt AC.
$30.00 per week

NOTES: Most farms that can supply fertilized duck eggs for hatching do NOT supply incubators! That's where Science Is... comes in. We can supply the above incubator for rent to use in conjunction with your egg hatching program. Use this equipment at your own risk. We do not guarantee that you will have 100% success in hatching eggs with this incubator. It is a good quality device, but there are many things that can go wrong during the attempt to hatch eggs, resulting in disappointing results (i.e. dead or deformed chicks or eggs that simply do not hatch). It is a good idea to prepare your students for this possibility, to lessen the emotional shock if something does go wrong. Even experienced people sometimes have troubles beyond their control, and rarely get 100% of their eggs to hatch. Follow manufacturer's instructions for the use of the incubator. Science Is... has no practical experience in using this incubator, and it will be unlikely we would be able to answer any technical questions about hatching eggs or raising chicks. In consideration of the rental fee, our responsibility extends only to providing a functioning egg incubator. Science Is... has no control over the use of this equipment, and will not be responsible for losses or damage from this equipment. No guarantee on hatchability of eggs. Science Is... will not replace eggs that do not hatch.   NOTE: Mink Hollow Farm no longer supplies fertilized duck eggs for hatching, but their website has tons of information useful to hatching and caring for ducklings during their first few weeks.



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