1) All magnets except steel and rubberized ones are brittle and may break or chip if allowed to fall onto a hard surface, or if they slap against each other or a ferrous surface;

2) Most (not all) of our magnets have their N & S poles on their largest flat surfaces, not their ends;

3) Keep very strong magnets away from small children. Some of our more powerful ones may pinch little fingers and skin. It is safest to slide the strongest ones together/apart;

4) Magnets should be kept away from credit cards, audio tapes, video tapes and floppy computer disks!!! (CDs and DVDs are not affected.) Our strongest magnets can also be harmful to computer monitors & TV screens. Science Is... will not be held responsible for any damage or magnetic data lost through accident with, or misuse of, these magnets.

Magnet Wand
Our best seller! Excellent magnet for science investigations or just plain play, suitable for nursery school to nursing home. Strong 5 cm long block magnet encased in brightly coloured plastic, with 11 cm handle.
MGNT.02    Assorted colours    $2.95 each

Magnetic Counting Chips
Well, the chips themselves are not magnets, but they are attracted to magnets due to the ring of ferrous metal around each lightweight transparent plastic disk. Can be used as math manipulatives, their mixed colours look great projected on an overhead screen.
MGNT.03    Bag of 100, 2 cm dia.    $4.95/bag

Magnetic Marbles
Colourful magnetic marbles for creative learning, magic & discovery! Permanent magnetic strength, recommended for ages 6 & up. Come in 10 different colours, ¾ inch diameter.
MGNT.05    $0.30 each

As your students make compass needles dance back and forth under their magnet's influence, they experience the feeling of PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER AND ULTIMATE CONTROL!!! OK, maybe I got carried away, but it IS fun. Pocket compasses, air filled. COMP.11 is the most popular with those teaching magnetism.  COMP.08 is about the size of the wee little compasses that you used to get as prizes in Cracker Jack boxes. COMP.07 has no NSEW markings at all, but because it is clear glass top and bottom, they look great surrounding a small bar magnet on an overhead projector. At this price, don't expect to find your way out of the woods with these; they are intended as N/S indicators to show the effect of magnets on compasses.
35 to 37 mm dia., plastic body, 5o markings    $3.95 each
COMP.07    20 mm dia., top & bottom glass, sides aluminum     $1.95 each
COMP.08    13 mm dia., aluminum body, NSEW markings     $1.00 each

Map Compass
Map compass, orienteering type, liquid filled, 45 mm diameter on 60 X 100 mm clear acrylic base with built-in magnifier and neck cord.  Dial graduated 360 degrees with N S E W marked.  Base graduated in: cm, 1:25000 and 1:50000 scales.  How to use a map compass (this has nothing to do with magnets, really): Place compass on map with edge along the desired line of travel. Rotate the compass capsule until the "N" on the compass dial points to magnetic North on the map. Pick up the compass and turn your body until the red end of the needle points to the North on the compass dial. The Bearing or "direction of travel" arrow in the base now points precisely to your destination. Choose a landmark or a physical spot in this direction. Walk to the landmark without looking at the compass. Upon arrival, choose a new landmark and repeat the procedure until you reach your destination.
COMP.05    $14.95 each

Iron Filings
Yes, we have this hard to find accessory for magnet studies. Dramatically illustrate the magnetic lines of force surrounding magnets. Hint: To assist with clean up, place either the filings or the magnet inside a plastic bag and seal it before exposing the magnet to the iron filings. Oh...too late you say? Your magnets are already covered with iron filings? Try to pinch off as much as you can, then use really sticky tape to remove the rest. This problem can also be avoided by getting the filings in a sealed case. We just so happen to sell these (see below).
CHEM.04    Iron, metal filings, approx. 35 g (about a tablespoonful)    $2.95/vial
    Iron filings in clear sealed case    $4.95 each
    Filings & pink sand in sealed case    $4.95 each

Magnetic Field Viewing Kit
This kit allows you to see how magnetic poles are arranged on any magnet. Consists of iron filings contained in a flat, circular, clear acrylic container (similar to a petri dish, but well sealed), along with a small bar magnet and a disk/poster magnet.
MGNT.66    $7.95 each

Mysterious Magnetic Tube
Large clear acrylic cylinder containing iron filings.  The cylinder has a smaller central tube where a cow magnet (included) is inserted to show the three-dimensional nature of the magnetic field.
MGNT.65    $24.95 each

The original magnet! Naturally-occurring iron-rich rock that is actually magnetic! Attracts paper clips, gathers iron filings & deflects compass needles. Individual pieces approximately 2 to 3 cm across.
ROCK.04    $2.00 each

Small Ceramic Magnet, disk shape
Disks are 3/4" diameter, 3/16" thick & slightly stronger than small ring magnets below. Glue just about any small object (natural or kid-made) to one side of these disks to make your own refrigerator magnets. These are fairly strong for their size. Magnetized through their thickness, with single poles on opposite faces.
MGNT.01    $0.40 each

Small Ceramic Magnet, ring shape
Round ceramic ring magnets for use in school, home, office or shop. Demonstrate attractive & repellent magnetic forces. Rings are 1/4" thick and have a 1/4" dia. hole. (Not big enough for a pencil, but will easily slip over a straw or bamboo skewer to demonstrate repulsion. See below for larger rings.) Overall diameter 3/4 inch. Magnetized through their thickness, with single poles on opposite faces.
MGNT.04    $0.30 each

Large Ceramic Ring Magnet
Powerful round ceramic ring magnet. 1.25" diameter, 3/16" thick with hole big enough (3/8") to do the "levitating magnet" demonstration (like poles repel) by slipping 2 of them over a pencil. Magnetized through their thickness, with single poles on opposite faces. These magnets are strong enough so that a pair can easily pinch skin between them if caution is not used. (Believe me, I know.) They can also be fairly brittle and may break if allowed to slap together unhindered.
MGNT.40    $1.00 each

Ceramic Magnet, medium rectangular block
Excellent for making working models of electric motors. Blocks are 3/16" thick by 1" long by 3/4" wide with a 3/16" diameter hole. Magnetized through their thickness, with N/S poles on the faces.
MGNT.06    $0.50 each

Bar Magnet
Small ferrite (ceramic) bar magnet, 30 x 8 x 6 mm, painted red with North and South poles indicated on ends.
MGNT.49    $1.00 each

Horseshoe Magnet (Small)
Ceramic magnets, horseshoe shape, painted red. 30 x 30 x 6 mm.  North & South poles indicated
MGNT.64    $2.00 each

Horseshoe Magnet (Medium)
Medium size Alnico horseshoe magnet, 30 x 50 x 6 mm, painted red, with keeper.
MGNT.51    $8.95 each

Big Fat Magnet
This magnet is easy to grasp with its large horseshoe shape. Pre-school and ECS children will enjoy picking up small objects with the strong magnets in the feet of the plastic horseshoe. Nine inches tall, lifts up to 4 pounds! For ages 4 & up.
MGNT.09    $8.95 each

Poster Magnets
Strong round ceramic magnets, 15/16" dia. x 3/16" thick, for magnet demos or hanging posters on magnetic surfaces. N & S poles on the same face, so this magnet has a strong side & a weak side.
MGNT.12    $0.75 each

Hold Everything Magnets, a.k.a. "Hero" Magnets
Strong ceramic block magnets in plastic coating, 50 x 25 x 12 mm.  For hanging BIGGER, HEAVIER posters on magnetic surfaces.
MGNT.61    $2.50 each

Neodymium Magnets (seconds/surplus - limited supply, when they're gone, THEY ARE GONE)
Very powerful magnets! Please read warning/caution at the beginning of this section. Incredible "rare earth" magnets, must be seen to be believed. Adults: Place one MGNT.13 in your open palm, place another against the underside of the same hand, and you can hold your hand vertically without the magnets falling off! Surplus items, many have imperfect paint jobs, rust spots or chips. WARNING: These magnets can easily pinch skin if caution is not used. Definitely NOT for young children. Ages 12+ only.
MGNT.13    Bent Rectangle, 0.83" X 0.738" X 0.128" thick     $6.95 each
    Quarter Ring, 1.247" X 0.563" X 0.105" thick    $3.95 each

Neodymium Magnets (new, shiny finish)
Wonderfuly powerful super magnets! Please read warning/caution at the beginning of this section. Incredible "rare earth" magnets, first quality, not surplus or "seconds".  Disks have a bright, shiny chrome-like finish, packaged in a clamshell/blister card.  Note that all three packages are the same price, but contain different sizes and numbers of magnets (i.e. the package of largest disks has only 3 in the package, whereas the package of smallest disks has 10 in the package). WARNING: These magnets can easily pinch skin if caution is not used. Definitely NOT for young children.   Ages 12+ only.
PRICING NOTICE: Unfortunately, the cost of neodymium magnets has TRIPLED recently and we are forced to pass on these price increases.
MGNT.58    pkg. of 10 disks, 8 mm dia, x 3 mm thick     $15.95 each pkg of 10
    pkg. of 6 disks, 12 mm dia. x 3 mm thick    $15.95 each pkg of 6
    pkg. of 3 disks, 18 mm dia. x 3 mm thick    $15.95 each pkg of 3

Paper Clips
Great for magnet play. Multi-coloured, vinyl coated.
MISC.13    Large paper clips (approx. 25 per pkg)    $0.75/pkg

Flexible Rubberized Magnetic Strips

These strips are used to hold posters, papers, etc. against a ferrous surface (like most blackboards and filing cabinets). NOT adhesive-backed, easily cut with scissors. Excellent for refrigerator magnet crafts!
MGNT.27    70 to 80 cm length    $1.50 each
    Random short pieces    $3.00 pkg

Cow Magnets
No, these magnets do not attract cows! They are powerful bar magnets that are placed down a cow's throat to reside in it's first stomach for the life of the cow. Why? Well, cows tend to be indiscriminate eaters, and will swallow all sorts of foreign objects like staples, bits of wire, nails, screws, etc. during chow time in the field. This "tramp iron" (as it is called) could be deadly to our bovine friend if it reached the cow's intestine and pierced it. A "magnet in residence" keeps the iron from getting that far. Three inches long, can be used like any other magnet in the classroom, magnetized along length.
MGNT.18    Solid, smooth metallic cylinder with rounded ends    $9.95 each

Moo Magnet Kit
Cow magnet activity kit, contains one "dissectable" cow magnet (can be taken apart into 5 thick ring magnets and the associated hardware that holds them together), plus a 16 page activity book that tells the history and uses of magnetism, gives experiments you can do with your Moo Magnet (or other magnets), and important basic facts of magnets and magnetism. Dissectable cow magnet for experiments only, not intended for use in a cow! Ages 6 and up.
MGNT.42    $11.95/kit

For revitalizing old Alnico, steel bar and horseshoe magnets. Save your science department time and money every school year. Instead of throwing away expensive Alnico, horseshoe and bar magnets that have lost their magnetism due to improper storage and repelling experiments, remagnetize them as often as you need with The Remagnetizer. (Other modern magnet materials such as ceramic, neodymium & samarium cobalt do not need remagnetizing.) Simply "recharge" your magnets by matching up opposite poles with The Remagnetizer (N to S and S to N). When the poles attract, the superior magnetism from the large neodymium magnets within The Remagnetizer rejuvenates the weak Alnico magnets. Adult supervision recommended.
MGNT.39    $100.00 each

(See Rentals section for info on short-term rental of The Remagnetizer.)


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